Wednesday, 13 July 2016

OOTW- "If I was you, I'd wanna be me too"

Life is one big whirlwind right now; with working nearly 60 hour weeks, juggling coursework, stressing over coursework and trying not to spend uneccasry money on more clothes I definitely do not need (but I do need). Coffee is literally the love of my life right now- as well as Salted caramel green tea that is my life saver.

But anyways back to business, last week I posted about the on trend Mom jeans and had such an overwhelming response that I hadn't expected. So this week I bring you two different styles on what to wear with them. From a retro quirky style, to a dressed up dinner date.

Outfit one:

The Topshop Style. A different quirky style with the Mom Jeans, I'm absolutely loving this Ivy Park bodysuit, something so simple that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.


Added with the on trend bomber jacket. Ive found these two preppy ones again from Topshop, I'm loving the bardot effect jacket on the right and the more blazer-ish style version on the left.


Team it up with this simple double buckle belt to go with the black shoes and keep within the simple vibe. However if your going out for a few drinks just be careful not to over do it on the belt, as like me you'll feel restricted in the stomach area. Don't let that belt stop you from pigging out!


Then by adding a simple high heel your keeping that casual vibe with a hint of style and will also help elongate your body. I always wear heels with jeans as being small it helps add a few more inches and also helps me look more hour glass than a potato as I constantly seem to feel right now. Or simply add a pair of classic trainers to go to day time chilled glamour.

Outift two: You pretty little thing
Pretty Little Thing is my go to clothing site at the moment with its small price tag and effortless simple style. You'll also find the likes of Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattinson use this website too.

The bodysuit is the most go to top to wear right now. Style it up or down- the only down side is when your drunk and having to undo it. Although at least you know your top is styled how you want it.
Then the simple slogan t-shirt to add a relaxed vibe, something you can just chuck on without worrying whether it goes or not.

Adding a simple cream sandel helps add a touch of summer and can easily go with any outfit you throw it with, whether day or night time.

I hope you enjoyed my outfit style of the Mom Jeans x

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Jess Wright- Gotta get out my hair

A new hair day is probably one of the best days for any female, as well as; deliveries ,getting your nails done and getting your eyebrows on fleek. There's something revitalising going in to the salon realling off your countless pointless stories about how your boyfriend embarrassed you by pulling your top down in public or even that one girl that irritates you for how perfect she is. You go in an uneasy, stressed, judgmental nikki grahame wannabe and end up leaving like Blake Lively out of the l'oreal adverts walking the concrete pavement like a catwalk.

Well today it was my day for a change and trust me I change my hair more times than my weight fluctuates. In earlier entries you would of seen my hair being; peroxide blonde, ombre, black and dark brown. Though the one colour or even trend I always return to is ombre- its something so subtle and so simple to maintain.

Jess Wright, former TOWIE star, has the perfect ombre hair at the moment as well as the perfect bikini body, but that's another entry. I went into the hairdressers fantasying in my head my face on her body and the euphoric stance I would have.

 I originally had yellowy blonde hair which I just had highlighted by someone 3 weeks ago as I wanted to be more blonde. Then when they finished I was too blonde and I missed having bad roots- I can never ever be pleased. In my head I felt like a fire that couldn't be put out.. maybe this could relate to my intensive mood swings at the moment (my poor boyfriend).

Maddie, my infectious hairdresser, put the brown on my hair first and then did a darker blonde on the ends to tone down the blonde I originally had on my hair. Otherwise I'd have brown roots and yellow ends and unfortunately that trend has already been done by Hayley Williams and that was a definite no go.

Inititally the colour did come out too dark but my hair absorbs dye, like my pale skin absorbs the sun, so after a bleach bath the colour was then toned down. For me this is a massive change considering I walked in pale and yellowed haired I was now leaving ombre'd and feeling like Beyonce.

After a few washes the colour will fade more so it will become lighter, especially with the amount of bleach that's in my hair. I'm not however a selfie expert like the majority of my friends- i just take a million photos in a similar position hoping for the best. Though here is the final look and I love it!!

I will post another photo in a few weeks when the colour has faded and when me and Jess have stopped fighting over the next heart throb of essex. X

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mom Jeans= Chill Jeans

I can honestly say I can feel my stomach in my chest right now, anxious and nervous doesn't even sum up how I feel writing my first ever blog post in over three years. THREE YEARS?! Where has these three years gone; I left university after a year (lets not dwell on that), went back to working in the cafe with my sister, left there to work in a call centre, returned back to the cafe six months later and here I am now. But there has always been that what if.. what if I carried on writing where would i be now? Could I have had my own column, my work published or even brought my first bmw... here's hoping. Anyways I'm back studying an online freelance journalism course and back to what I love doing the most nattering on about fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Mom Jeans

Ever get them days when you don't have a clue what to wear, feel frumpy and horrible in everything. Then chaos descends in your room with the stress of your new added floor-drobe you've created as you don't feel comfortable, able to breathe, skinny, or not as good as Mila Kunis would in your outfit.
Well that's me every time I go out-which trust me is a rare blue moon occasion now a days. Unlike my former 16-18 year old self, I'd much prefer going out in a pair of comfortable-yet bum hugging jeans with a stylish top and jacket. Obviously with heels as I feel like a smurf without them.

Mom jeans are my go to item at the moment. High waisted are my favourite as they ensure all my lumps are hidden and gives that hour glass illusion. Then a simple straight leg so you don't feel as though your being smothered or restricted in denim.
My  favourite at the moment are these Topshop Jeans at £42;

A simple, plain acid wash effect which will go with anything and everything.  

Or a budget alternative from boohoo at only £15, with the on season trend of embroidery added too.

This is the one summer essential you cannot be without, especially if you do not want to feel glued and stuck into your denim jeans-when the heat eventually does come back. In my next entry I will add style suggestions for evening and day wear of this new wardrobe must have.

Happy 3 year anniversary blog, it's taken a long time for me to do this!! I hope I've made you proud x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Time flies, emotions change

Its been a while hasn't it? I'd be lying if I said nothings happened, cause lets be honest every day is a different day; lessons are learned and slowly things around you start to change. Though only you can make the change to benefit you whether good or bad. Lessons are there in life for you to understand certain situations, even though it will hurt and feel like the whole world is against you at first, in time you slowly start to build up a sense of understanding to what's happened.

Break ups are never easy, anyone can tell you that. The moment you start to realise things aren't working is the moment you have to start to realise your own worth again. In a relationship your meant to bring out the best within each other and optimize your strengths and manage your weaknesses. It's like having a best friend but having a more intimate relationship with your partner. I find it so hard to open up to people as I'm so used to the bitterness that unfolds after a relationship, which is my downside. Every relationship happens for a reason- I strongly believe in this, whetehr it breaks you down and tears you apart, there's something within the hurt that will optimize you in the future. Whether it's cheating or lying these are the main elements that blind your judgement when your in your next relationship. Your trust within someone takes longer to give which may seem like you have no faith in them, but it's not like that at all. With every knock on your confidenece is another reason for you to slowly lose faith whether its on yourself or on certain people. I've learnt the easier you give your trust out the easier it is for people to take advantage of your trust.

Coming from a generous and loving family has benefited me alot, I know the value of everything they have and how hard they worked to where they are now. On the other hand the genrous side of my family has seen people take us like mugs and just get what they need out of us and walk away without a care in the world. In the end I wouldnt change the way we are, people see in the end that we just look at the good in people and try to reassure them that things will get better in time.

In the end it always comes down to that one decision, do you follow your head or heart? Your head is the stearn realistic view on the situation at hand and tries to make you realise the implicantions in going back or into something. On the other hand your heart is the more lineiant view trying to give away that next chance and see the positives from the situation. Sometimes pain is a sense of torture; without overcoming it, it gets stronger and harder to go back to where you first begun.