Monday, 27 February 2012

Starting out- my first photoshoot and styling

So here we go this is my first ever blog post, to say I'm nervous is an understatement, I'm so scared i will either run out of things to say, or alternatively be word vomiting pages out like there's no tomorrow. That's a nice image I've just created right there, but here we go, wish me luck.

Recently I decided to do a bit of fashion styling with one of my friends Lucy to try out different looks and alternately mix and match different styles together to see the outcome. It was a very productive shoot to say the least, I decided to do the shoot outside in my back garden, as at the time it was minus ten degrees and the location I wanted (in a skate park which was fifteen minutes from my house) was gonna be quite awkward, seeing as there would be no where to get changed and we would of had an audience there. Although as my back garden is quite different from a typical garden I thought it would be okay to try it out and experiment with the variety of scenes I could create and experiment with the lightening and the stance my model portrays. I wanted an edgy feel to this shoot as this is something I'm very keen on right now, after watching New York/ London Fashion Week i noticed there main theme was very elegant and fitting and used very bold prints and patterns. So i tried to contrast this within my shoot in my own unique way.

I asked Lucy to have a very simple classical look, sort of like the 40s era with the bright red lips and them piercing eyes, and then have loose curls in her hair to add an extra sense of glam to the look.

 This is my favourite image i took on the day, I love how effortless it comes across and the way in which the lifeless background helps add that rough edge to the image. Editing this photo i made it a lot lighter than what it was to help enhance the detailing of the tights and the floor to show off the patterns that are within the image.
  This first outfit i used a very fitted Lipsy bow dress as a base, and then added striped River Island tights, New Look brown over the knee socks, A H&M leather blazer and some EBay biker boots. I wanted the feeling of a going out outfit at the top then dressed down at the bottom so you could still go out at night in this outfit as it has that edgy feel within it. Also contrasting with the background it helps add a sense rugged background helps add that sense of roughness to the image and really make the model and the outfit stand out.
 Adding a River Island fur jacket to this piece helps add a sense of elegance and poise to the image, and also help keep Lucy warm, bless her.
Although in comparison to the previous image I used a piece of work I had previously created and styled it on my model here. The top was made up of a variety of techniques I had learnt from when I studied Fashion with textiles at college, and as I was trying to show off patterns within my images I decided I wanted to use this to show the different textures/techniques that are within this top. Though when I look at the images now the top appears to look like a face depending on the angle in which you look at it. I then added a simple New Look vest underneath and a New Look crop top to add a sense of colour to the outfit, some Topshop Hot pants, Tights as before and the clog boots another EBay buy.

When I first started to style my pieces on Lucy I was quite nervous to whether things would go and to try and ensure I kept to a certain look, though as the shoot went on I got a bit more settled and started to let my personality come out and have a bit more faith in what I was doing. Nerves usually get the better of me and start to make me panic and stay in my shell but this time it made me grow into me.

 With my last shoot I decided to use a variety of patterns together to see the effect I would gain, or whether it would give me a headache. I used a H&M lips dress, a Vivienne Westwood scarf and the same tights, socks, boots and blazer as before. I tried to clash the leopard print scarf with the lip detailed dress but in a way they seemed to join together as the lips seemed to appear more like a leopard print when it was photographed. But the scarf helped add dimension as it made it seem like the dress had more layers to it as the pattern on both materials were so similar. I really liked the rock star vibe this image portrayed as it comes across at first that it wouldn't go at all, but the more I look at it the more I think I could see someone walking down the street in this look who had the confidence and the bubbly personality to match the look.