Wednesday, 21 March 2012


All Ive heard about lately is tattoos, "what one should I get for my first?" "Is this too big/small?" "Will it suit me". Tattoos now a days are very publicized within the media, the moment a celebrity gets a tattoo its front page news- which I definitely don't believe deserves to be front page issues?! Surely there are more important issues going on rather than ooo look who has a new tattoo! Though society now a days seems to judge people with tattoos which I think is totally unfair as you cant judge a book by its cover drawings, can you?

Getting your first tattoo is a big deal, it's something that stays with you for the rest of your life, although some people just do it for the spur of the moment feeling and that adrenaline rush. Some people get tattoos that mean something to them personally, something they have an interest in or just something they see and like the look of.  In time however, people can start to regret tattoos they got as they either don't mean anything to them or just look silly as its something that got when they were younger as they thought it was quirky or in fashion.

There is not much within history on tattoos it merely started as an accident. A long while ago someone had a wound on their hand and when they rubbed it with there other hand, which was covered in dirty soot and ash from the fire, and once the wound had healed it left a permanent mark within the skin. Then in 1991,a five thousand year old man named "otzi the ice man" was discovered between Austria and Italy, not too old eh! This was probably the best preserved corpse within that period of time that had been found, he had fifty seven tattoos. One being a cross on the inside of his left knee, six straight lines above his kidneys and parallel lines on his ankles. Although I was a bit bemused by these "line tattoos" it was from therapeutic reasons which were for arthritis (Birgit Lohmann. (2000). History of Tattoos.). Since then tattoos have evolved over time, when my brother went into the Navy twenty odd years ago, he got three tattoos there, each one for a different reason. Although he has so many tattoos I couldn't tell you which one were his Navy ones now. He has a religious tattoo of St Christopher on his arm (I think that's the right one, I'm useless with names ha) in a sign of respect to some of his friends he lost within Navy and also a monkey with three stars around it symblosing me, my sister and my mother. Random I know but my brother loves breaking the mould and doing something different, he even wanted that tattoo on his finger of a moustache Ive talked him out of it so many times, but his personality would definitely suit it.(I would just like to say that isn't my brother in the photo, its just an image I found from Google, unfortunately my brother is older and has more grey hints within his beard)

I have three tattoos myself, two mean a lot to me whereas the other was one of those spur of the moment things. My mum said when my older sister got a tattoo I would be allowed one... my sister got a tattoo two weeks later so I was so excited to get my first tattoo at the age of sixteen. I decided to get a dove on my wrist, although I didn't get it done professionally instead someones friend did it.. I got told they were good.. They were wrong. It slowly started to fade and just looked like I had drawn it on myself. I then found a very talented tattoo artist called Millie who had designed and done my sisters first tattoo and she went over it for me and added some more detail in it. Looking at it now I don't regret it, although I wish I would have waited, but I do like it as it has that free spirit feeling as though I can do what i want "the sky is the limit", that's what it means to me now.

I then decided to get something a bit more personal to me and when I was old enough, I spent a year thinking about what I wanted and where I wanted it. I got Millie to design it for me as her creativity and her artistic range is amazing, she came up with this simple and elegant style, that just looked beautiful. We decided to only use two colour's so it didn't draw the attention from the main details which was the initials within it, which were an M,D,B which stood for Mel, Dot and Bill- these were the names of my mother brother and sister. Family is a big thing to me so in me getting this I was showing off my appreciation and sense of pride of being part of that family. Millie added a few blue dots within the tattoo to help add a sense of colour within it and help it stand out more.

Then my most recent one was my side piece, it took me over a year to decide I really wanted it there and asking people's opinion on it they thought it would suit me, but did pre-warn me of the pain that would go along with it also. This was more of a personal tattoo to me, hence why I got it somewhere quite intimate, when I was a young girl my Mum would say this same quote to me day in and day out and I've always stuck by it. "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to believe in them" yes it is a Disney quote but it really has inspired me and reminds me so much of my Mum. Again I got Millie to design it, but i did give her the quote, which I translated into Italian so only I would know the meaning behind it (well till now) and a rose that I wanted within it also. I didn't want any colour within it as I wanted the main focus to be the writing and the rose, she did add some grey contouring to help add dimension to the piece. I'm not gonna lie it did hurt and my friend found it hilarious watching me in pain and see the colour instantly drain from my already orange face. But to get the outcome I did, its all worth it in the end. 

Although In the world of fashion, you find fashion designers aren't that fond of models that have tattoos on show as they believe it detracts from their own work they're wanting to show. Also people want you to appear professional, so in having a tattoo your seen as marking yourself and looked down on in a way. I don't think it should matter if you have a tattoo or not, tattoos define people and help them express themselves in their own individual way, who are you to say they shouldn't?! Yes it may detract a bit of attention from a garment, but the garment is still there on show and surely you would be getting more interest as people would be intrigued about the tattoo and then your outfit would have more coverage from it?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own freedom of speech, whether its expressing it verbally, visually or any other way. Just because someone has a tattoo it doesn't make them different you? It's art and it's there way of expressing a certain emotion. Ill leave you to decide, but for now here's a tattoo I totally love and him of course.. who wouldn't?! Have a look on Millie's website for some of her other work also, you wont be disappointed. She's a brilliant artist and the best tattooist/artist I've come across in a long while.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Deciding on an outfit the night before=extra half hour in bed

Like any other girl/women its a struggle deciding what to wear in the morning or even at night, this is the main reason I'm always late I can never decide on an outfit and it frustrates me so much. Its not like I have nothing in my wardrobe, completely the opposite! My wardrobe is exploding with endless supply of tops,vests, shirts, blouses, skirts, shorts.. name it I have it... Maybe that's why Ive had three new wardrobes since the beginning of this year.

But for once I decided to plan my outfit the night before, for me this is a rare as I'm used to taking a good half hour deciding what I want to wear then changing it as I don't think its suiting my body at that time or its too laid back. I'm used to people saying I'm always "dressed up" but I don't feel it, I just wear things I feel comfortable in or I think suits my mood for the day sort of thing. For example last night I wanted to wear something plain and simple for college today with just a touch of detailing, so I still appeared dressed up but not as much, as a college environment people are renowned to dress down in there trackies or hoodies, but as much as I would love to do that I couldn't.

So here is my final outcome, not going to lie for the first time in a long time it took me ten minutes to put this outfit together with the only change being the long top that's it. Massive achievement! 
I've had these tie dye effect trousers since January, I got them in the Topshop sale for £20 and their high waisted which I adore right now and with a simple Brown Primark Belt £1 just so they didn't fall down and to also go with my brown ankle boots (which you cant see in the picture, from Peacocks £20) Then added a simple long sleeved white top £8 from Primark, and surprisingly for Primark this top hasn't shrunk yet which I am very happy about as I've had it for nearly a year now! I then added my patterned shawl which is from my mums catalogue called "Isme" and was £30, this catalogue is aimed at people aged 20-40 but there was some amazing buys in there and this shawl being one of them. It helped add that simple bit of detailing and edge to the outfit.

I then simply added the same jewellery I wear everyday my watch and bracelet and that was me done. For an outfit that took me ten minutes and saved me an extra half an hour in the morning I am impressed, although I probably wouldn't do this everyday as knowing my luck I wont like the outfit in the morning then queue my floordrobe reappearing!


Friday, 9 March 2012

Kanye West Fashion Designer?

Thinking of Kanye West you think of; "Gold digger", them "bling" diamond teeth he has, the ridiculous amounts of money he has (that I wish I still had now) and them endless designers names all in his blackberry... but fashion designer? I was quite surprised hearing of Kanye West doing a fashion show.. especially a women's show, I couldn't get out my head that he was going to design something either very figure hugging that showed off a women's best assets or something that caused a lot of controversy or even with such a dynamic print to reflect his own personal style. And that he certainly did.

Reading up on his first Paris fashion show it seems as though he really didn't make the best first impression that he wanted, being told his collection was to "Givenchy-esque, ten points off for copying the guy next to you" quoted from Wall Street Journal fashion critic Christina Binkley from the New York Daily News. He also caused a big stir by using exotic animal skins and furs, including crocodile, fox and a young lamb, I understand its his first show but putting fur into his first show is asking for trouble as the amount of controversy surrounding fur is huge. Although obviously for your first show you want to stand out from the crowd and show your pushing the boundaries and he obviously pushed them boundaries out of the water, I'm not a fan of seeing fur on the catwalk. Yes it looks nice but is it really worth the controversy and knowing your wearing some dead creature on your shoulder and having its scary beady eyes staring at you?!

I'm not a big fan of leather or suede so i am not keen on the majority of these outfits at all, for me they look to plain and simple, for someone as well known as Kanye West who loves to stand out from the crowd with his extravagant jewellery and designer gear i was expecting a lot more. The leather applied leggings in the far right picture however are to die for they are very on trend right now and seem very well fitted to the model. However the middle picture the only thing I like is the fur jacket...even though I know its going to be real fur which turns my stomach thinking about it now, everything else about the outfit is awful. It literately looks like he's got a bin bag or some plastic and tried to sculpt it around her legs and on her body.. it doesn't look like a very good fit at all and the appearance is awful, there's too much of the same sort of fabric in one go.

 Of course when your such a mega star as Kanye, you expect the A Lister's to come out in force for his show and they didn't disappoint, Anne Wintour, Kim Kardashian and Diddy to name but a few. But it was Kim Kardashian that stole the night in her Kanye West designed heels that are only a small $6,000... I might start saving now I may have enough in nearly three years? I can keep dreaming.

 Kim Kardashian sat front row at her friends fashion show wearing the fur vest and shoes which the rapper designed himself, and teamed up with some simple cream suede trousers really helps show the shoes off and too right!
I am very surprised Kanye designed these shoes they are gorgeous! I love the diamond detailing and beading on the top part of the shoe and the rope like straps around the leg. Its a very sophisticated and extravagant glamour just like the designer himself. You cant expect a Kanye West show without the "bling" and these shoes were the sparkle of the night, I cant get over how gorgeous and amazing they are.. although my feet would kill in them heels, have you seen the size of them?! However on the run way the models weren't as enthusiastic as Kim to wear these shoes, Model Leomie Anderson added: "Omg the model who fit for his clothes said the shoes were so bad and he was cussin her."

So all in all, I am quite disappointed at his show, I was expecting more colour and a lot more creativity from him seeing as like i said before likes to push the boundaries and is always seen in unique pieces by other designers. Although definitely impressed by the footwear i cannot fault him in that area at all!
Decide for yourselves!:)

Can you really get Cheap fashion?

So its currently half one in the morning, yes any normally sane person would be asleep right now if they had to be up at seven, but no not me. For some reason I cannot sleep, I am a bag of nerves for my upcoming interviews for university and I have so many thoughts and ideas whizzing around my tiny little brain wanting to come out. Then I see my phone flashing, who would text me at this time? might you ask, well your wrong, its an email..... and Its Topshop. WHY OH WHY when I'm totally and utterly skint do i always seem to get more emails regarding new upcoming fashion trends (and give me false hope that i am quite popular at this time) and the latest sales. So I started to think whether i could find a cheaper alternative to high street fashion, with the same lasting time  and durability just a cheaper price tag.

I'm an avid twitter goer, and the majority of places that follow me are either fashion wannabes like me or more clothes store trying to advertise and tease me to go buy their brand new ranges. I found one website called Miss Rebel.

Instantly I was drawn to the main taglines "Dress For Less" "Clearance Sale" and the reasonably low prices I had been hoping for. Though sometimes when you do stumble upon these websites you start to worry about the conditions of the clothes, whether they really are properly made items with good strong material as they use in Topshop, or are they like those endless Primark tops I've brought that have shrunk after the first wash (waste of four pound). Well Ive brought both a top and a dress from here and can conform they are still in the same condition that I first brought them, minus the curry stain and hole in the seam (I may of had a few wines). The further more i browse into the site the more i see they are realising whats going on with fashion with there patterned dresses and leggings, leopard prints and quilted jackets, to there Cheryl Cole like top to name but a few. But like any reasonably cheap clothes store you can expect the odd "unique" items, that lets say looks like they have been on "Snog Marry And Avoid" numerous times and still want to look that "Trashy".