Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Deciding on an outfit the night before=extra half hour in bed

Like any other girl/women its a struggle deciding what to wear in the morning or even at night, this is the main reason I'm always late I can never decide on an outfit and it frustrates me so much. Its not like I have nothing in my wardrobe, completely the opposite! My wardrobe is exploding with endless supply of tops,vests, shirts, blouses, skirts, shorts.. name it I have it... Maybe that's why Ive had three new wardrobes since the beginning of this year.

But for once I decided to plan my outfit the night before, for me this is a rare as I'm used to taking a good half hour deciding what I want to wear then changing it as I don't think its suiting my body at that time or its too laid back. I'm used to people saying I'm always "dressed up" but I don't feel it, I just wear things I feel comfortable in or I think suits my mood for the day sort of thing. For example last night I wanted to wear something plain and simple for college today with just a touch of detailing, so I still appeared dressed up but not as much, as a college environment people are renowned to dress down in there trackies or hoodies, but as much as I would love to do that I couldn't.

So here is my final outcome, not going to lie for the first time in a long time it took me ten minutes to put this outfit together with the only change being the long top that's it. Massive achievement! 
I've had these tie dye effect trousers since January, I got them in the Topshop sale for £20 and their high waisted which I adore right now and with a simple Brown Primark Belt £1 just so they didn't fall down and to also go with my brown ankle boots (which you cant see in the picture, from Peacocks £20) Then added a simple long sleeved white top £8 from Primark, and surprisingly for Primark this top hasn't shrunk yet which I am very happy about as I've had it for nearly a year now! I then added my patterned shawl which is from my mums catalogue called "Isme" and was £30, this catalogue is aimed at people aged 20-40 but there was some amazing buys in there and this shawl being one of them. It helped add that simple bit of detailing and edge to the outfit.

I then simply added the same jewellery I wear everyday my watch and bracelet and that was me done. For an outfit that took me ten minutes and saved me an extra half an hour in the morning I am impressed, although I probably wouldn't do this everyday as knowing my luck I wont like the outfit in the morning then queue my floordrobe reappearing!


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