Friday, 9 March 2012

Kanye West Fashion Designer?

Thinking of Kanye West you think of; "Gold digger", them "bling" diamond teeth he has, the ridiculous amounts of money he has (that I wish I still had now) and them endless designers names all in his blackberry... but fashion designer? I was quite surprised hearing of Kanye West doing a fashion show.. especially a women's show, I couldn't get out my head that he was going to design something either very figure hugging that showed off a women's best assets or something that caused a lot of controversy or even with such a dynamic print to reflect his own personal style. And that he certainly did.

Reading up on his first Paris fashion show it seems as though he really didn't make the best first impression that he wanted, being told his collection was to "Givenchy-esque, ten points off for copying the guy next to you" quoted from Wall Street Journal fashion critic Christina Binkley from the New York Daily News. He also caused a big stir by using exotic animal skins and furs, including crocodile, fox and a young lamb, I understand its his first show but putting fur into his first show is asking for trouble as the amount of controversy surrounding fur is huge. Although obviously for your first show you want to stand out from the crowd and show your pushing the boundaries and he obviously pushed them boundaries out of the water, I'm not a fan of seeing fur on the catwalk. Yes it looks nice but is it really worth the controversy and knowing your wearing some dead creature on your shoulder and having its scary beady eyes staring at you?!

I'm not a big fan of leather or suede so i am not keen on the majority of these outfits at all, for me they look to plain and simple, for someone as well known as Kanye West who loves to stand out from the crowd with his extravagant jewellery and designer gear i was expecting a lot more. The leather applied leggings in the far right picture however are to die for they are very on trend right now and seem very well fitted to the model. However the middle picture the only thing I like is the fur jacket...even though I know its going to be real fur which turns my stomach thinking about it now, everything else about the outfit is awful. It literately looks like he's got a bin bag or some plastic and tried to sculpt it around her legs and on her body.. it doesn't look like a very good fit at all and the appearance is awful, there's too much of the same sort of fabric in one go.

 Of course when your such a mega star as Kanye, you expect the A Lister's to come out in force for his show and they didn't disappoint, Anne Wintour, Kim Kardashian and Diddy to name but a few. But it was Kim Kardashian that stole the night in her Kanye West designed heels that are only a small $6,000... I might start saving now I may have enough in nearly three years? I can keep dreaming.

 Kim Kardashian sat front row at her friends fashion show wearing the fur vest and shoes which the rapper designed himself, and teamed up with some simple cream suede trousers really helps show the shoes off and too right!
I am very surprised Kanye designed these shoes they are gorgeous! I love the diamond detailing and beading on the top part of the shoe and the rope like straps around the leg. Its a very sophisticated and extravagant glamour just like the designer himself. You cant expect a Kanye West show without the "bling" and these shoes were the sparkle of the night, I cant get over how gorgeous and amazing they are.. although my feet would kill in them heels, have you seen the size of them?! However on the run way the models weren't as enthusiastic as Kim to wear these shoes, Model Leomie Anderson added: "Omg the model who fit for his clothes said the shoes were so bad and he was cussin her."

So all in all, I am quite disappointed at his show, I was expecting more colour and a lot more creativity from him seeing as like i said before likes to push the boundaries and is always seen in unique pieces by other designers. Although definitely impressed by the footwear i cannot fault him in that area at all!
Decide for yourselves!:)

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