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All Ive heard about lately is tattoos, "what one should I get for my first?" "Is this too big/small?" "Will it suit me". Tattoos now a days are very publicized within the media, the moment a celebrity gets a tattoo its front page news- which I definitely don't believe deserves to be front page issues?! Surely there are more important issues going on rather than ooo look who has a new tattoo! Though society now a days seems to judge people with tattoos which I think is totally unfair as you cant judge a book by its cover drawings, can you?

Getting your first tattoo is a big deal, it's something that stays with you for the rest of your life, although some people just do it for the spur of the moment feeling and that adrenaline rush. Some people get tattoos that mean something to them personally, something they have an interest in or just something they see and like the look of.  In time however, people can start to regret tattoos they got as they either don't mean anything to them or just look silly as its something that got when they were younger as they thought it was quirky or in fashion.

There is not much within history on tattoos it merely started as an accident. A long while ago someone had a wound on their hand and when they rubbed it with there other hand, which was covered in dirty soot and ash from the fire, and once the wound had healed it left a permanent mark within the skin. Then in 1991,a five thousand year old man named "otzi the ice man" was discovered between Austria and Italy, not too old eh! This was probably the best preserved corpse within that period of time that had been found, he had fifty seven tattoos. One being a cross on the inside of his left knee, six straight lines above his kidneys and parallel lines on his ankles. Although I was a bit bemused by these "line tattoos" it was from therapeutic reasons which were for arthritis (Birgit Lohmann. (2000). History of Tattoos.). Since then tattoos have evolved over time, when my brother went into the Navy twenty odd years ago, he got three tattoos there, each one for a different reason. Although he has so many tattoos I couldn't tell you which one were his Navy ones now. He has a religious tattoo of St Christopher on his arm (I think that's the right one, I'm useless with names ha) in a sign of respect to some of his friends he lost within Navy and also a monkey with three stars around it symblosing me, my sister and my mother. Random I know but my brother loves breaking the mould and doing something different, he even wanted that tattoo on his finger of a moustache Ive talked him out of it so many times, but his personality would definitely suit it.(I would just like to say that isn't my brother in the photo, its just an image I found from Google, unfortunately my brother is older and has more grey hints within his beard)

I have three tattoos myself, two mean a lot to me whereas the other was one of those spur of the moment things. My mum said when my older sister got a tattoo I would be allowed one... my sister got a tattoo two weeks later so I was so excited to get my first tattoo at the age of sixteen. I decided to get a dove on my wrist, although I didn't get it done professionally instead someones friend did it.. I got told they were good.. They were wrong. It slowly started to fade and just looked like I had drawn it on myself. I then found a very talented tattoo artist called Millie who had designed and done my sisters first tattoo and she went over it for me and added some more detail in it. Looking at it now I don't regret it, although I wish I would have waited, but I do like it as it has that free spirit feeling as though I can do what i want "the sky is the limit", that's what it means to me now.

I then decided to get something a bit more personal to me and when I was old enough, I spent a year thinking about what I wanted and where I wanted it. I got Millie to design it for me as her creativity and her artistic range is amazing, she came up with this simple and elegant style, that just looked beautiful. We decided to only use two colour's so it didn't draw the attention from the main details which was the initials within it, which were an M,D,B which stood for Mel, Dot and Bill- these were the names of my mother brother and sister. Family is a big thing to me so in me getting this I was showing off my appreciation and sense of pride of being part of that family. Millie added a few blue dots within the tattoo to help add a sense of colour within it and help it stand out more.

Then my most recent one was my side piece, it took me over a year to decide I really wanted it there and asking people's opinion on it they thought it would suit me, but did pre-warn me of the pain that would go along with it also. This was more of a personal tattoo to me, hence why I got it somewhere quite intimate, when I was a young girl my Mum would say this same quote to me day in and day out and I've always stuck by it. "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to believe in them" yes it is a Disney quote but it really has inspired me and reminds me so much of my Mum. Again I got Millie to design it, but i did give her the quote, which I translated into Italian so only I would know the meaning behind it (well till now) and a rose that I wanted within it also. I didn't want any colour within it as I wanted the main focus to be the writing and the rose, she did add some grey contouring to help add dimension to the piece. I'm not gonna lie it did hurt and my friend found it hilarious watching me in pain and see the colour instantly drain from my already orange face. But to get the outcome I did, its all worth it in the end. 

Although In the world of fashion, you find fashion designers aren't that fond of models that have tattoos on show as they believe it detracts from their own work they're wanting to show. Also people want you to appear professional, so in having a tattoo your seen as marking yourself and looked down on in a way. I don't think it should matter if you have a tattoo or not, tattoos define people and help them express themselves in their own individual way, who are you to say they shouldn't?! Yes it may detract a bit of attention from a garment, but the garment is still there on show and surely you would be getting more interest as people would be intrigued about the tattoo and then your outfit would have more coverage from it?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own freedom of speech, whether its expressing it verbally, visually or any other way. Just because someone has a tattoo it doesn't make them different you? It's art and it's there way of expressing a certain emotion. Ill leave you to decide, but for now here's a tattoo I totally love and him of course.. who wouldn't?! Have a look on Millie's website for some of her other work also, you wont be disappointed. She's a brilliant artist and the best tattooist/artist I've come across in a long while.

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