Wednesday, 6 June 2012

An extra 3/4's of an hour in bed.. pure bliss

So as my previous blog entry "Deciding on an outfit the night before= extra half hour in bed" did so well I decided to do another blog like this. It roughly takes me about an hour to get ready in the morning (maybe an hour and a half if I include my morning cuppa and a bowl of cereal) which isn't bad for a woman. Though sometimes that extra few minutes in bed can make all the difference! Recently my sister has been New York for her best friends hen weekend (very jealous, she saw Ben Stiller also- Out of Dodgeball-Hilarious) and she's one of those get up and go kinda women, so for once I wanted to prove her wrong and show that I would be ready on time (which would be a first). I chose my whole outfit include jewellery the night before, so that all I had to do in the morning was shower and do my makeup (my hair had been washed that night so all I had to do was straighten my fringe) SIMPLE.

 This isn't a very clear picture but I've had these cowboy inspired boots for over a year now that I brought from Peacocks for £12 (bargain) and I used to wear them religiously but not as of lately. But they really went with my outfit and my brown waist belt (Primark £2).
 Again I've had this play suit over a year and its always been one of them outfits that just sit in my wardrobe begging me to wear it. I brought it from for £22 i think as I had previously seen Mollie from The Saturdays in it. Its a really nice fit and so so comfortable to wear. Also with the bright pinks within the play suit its dead on trend for this summer.
 Unfortunately the nice weather is over now so I added some thick black tights (£2 Primark) to my play suit to keep me warm and also some black over the knee socks (£4 Primark) which i wore half way up my leg instead of over the knee. I then teamed up my outfit with this light denim jacket from New Look which was £16 two years ago to finish off the outfit.
 This is my completed outfit, I added feather earrings (£6 Internacionale) to add some more texture within my outfit and a black studded handbag (£110 Max London) to add a rocker chick feel to my outfit. That was it a simple day look and it only took me about 20 minutes to get ready... A new record! ha. But I definitely wont be keeping this up I love taking my time too much in the morning.

Tell me what you think :)


  1. Your outfit is lovely :) x

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