Monday, 19 November 2012

Rihanna 777 London Tour Streamed Live Performance

7 shows, 7 cities, 7 days. If anyone can do it Rihanna can do it and I assure you she will be incredible!

Streamed on the River Island Facebook page in corporation with Budweiser and HTC we saw a live streaming of her London leg of her 777 tour and I'll be honest I was amazed. Although I waited two hours to ensure I would get to see the show from the very beginning it was amazing considering the amount of people that would be watching it from their laptops. I had no problems with buffering, nothing, it was as though she was right there in front of me- I wish!

In comparison to her usual sexy barely there tour outfits she's known to wear she went for a simple high waisted ankle trousers and blazer with the same pattern, and a Madonna-esque style bra let top, though you could put Rihanna in everything and she would pull it off and still look superb!. She also showcased another new hairstyle which was the left side of her head shaved and back to her long black locks everywhere else. Not only was her outfit more simple, we see her play a more intimate performance with herself and her band. No big productions no dancers nothing. She did have the screens behind her displaying a variety of images and light productions that was it.

I was just expecting her to play songs from her new album Apologetic which was just released today and went straight in at number 1 on Itunes! But she played two songs from it, the rest were songs from throughout her career. They also included her duets with Kanye West, Jay Z, Calvin Harris and T.I, unfortunately they didn't appear with her on stage. I was so hoping Jay Z would just appear on stage but he didn't to my disappointment, but it was still brilliant. The mash up of "All of the lights", "Live your life" and "Run this town" was the best part of her performance for me! We also see how important Rihanna's shows are too her when she stops her performance of "Where have you been" as a simple mistake was made within the band and then she restarted the song again to make it flawless.

This month in keeping with the 50 years of James Bond we hear the song "Diamonds are forever" playing before her hit single "Diamonds" I was absolutely blown away! Probably one of the best performances I have watched in a long time! She was very interactive with the crowd and even though i watched it from the comfort of my bed it felt like I was right there!

Rihanna's collection with River Island is due to hit the stores in Spring next year! I'm sure they will be a smash, I can't wait!!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Primark Nail Polish- Is it really that good?

Being a first year student I'm starting to realise the value of money, sort of, well not at all to be honest. After freshers week and going on the odd shopping spree or ten I am now ridiculously poor. So now I realise when my mum said I should budget I should of maybe listened to her.

Like anyone else I love having my nails done whether they're simply painted or done using acrylics- I hate plain nails they bore me so much. I wanted something different on my nails this time I was bored of the one dimensional colours I always have, I wanted something more dimensional. Seeing as I'm low in funds I decided to have a browse in Primark for some- stereotypically Primark is seen as a cheap place to shop however you can't always guarantee the quality.

I was a bit sceptical at buying the nail polish at first as I thought it would be one of those cheap nail vanishes that would be really runny or just cheap off easily. Although I was far from wrong....

I decided on the colours "Bright Pop" and "Fallen Angel". The black nail polish contained glitter and after two coats managed to give me this night time effect, whereas the coloured glitter helped add a sense of depth and colour to my nails. I also added a top coat of nail polish to ensure it was secure.

Surprisingly the nail vanish stayed on for 2 weeks! Yes there were a few chips where I shut my finger in my wardrobe or drawers (which is a regular occurrence for me) but that was it! I would definitely recommend using these nail vanishes!

Let me know what you think :)