Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Back home for Christmas

I've been back in Northamptonshire now for a week and it still hasn't sunk in that I'm home. Even after the endless breakfasts and cups of tea in bed thanks to my loving mother and getting bitten by my adorable yet annoying kitten. After three months in Southampton, I've been calling that my home and starting to adapt to my different surroundings, though returning back to my true home it's as though nothings changed. Everything is still the same, the same people, sort of the same businesses and the same dramas there were even when everyone left.

In my first week I walked through my front door to find my mother had over decorated the house for another year, but I wouldn't expect anything different. My kitten to have grown a lot and that its started to become like a child I had to watch every two seconds to see what it was up to, with it constantly taking and hiding my things. Then I returned to my normal routine with a typical Thursday night out with my work lot, to realise that my liver even whilst being at uni is still a light weight. Then the Friday and Saturday I returned to my job at my favourite nightclub Abacus with the same friendly yet mad staff! It's as though I had never left, everything's the same.. accept for me and my brown hair!

I thought moving away my closest friends I've had for years would've moved on and forgotten about me, but it's as though I have never left. Nothings changed and everyone is still the same as it was three months ago which I completely love. I'm so excited to catch up with so many people in my minuscule three weeks I have, I plan to make the most of this time! You should never take your home life for granted as this is where your heart belongs and where the foundations of me began.

                                             A messy Thursday night with some of the work lot :)
                                                               Mine and Vicky's new hair!
                           This is only the front part of my living room, my mum loves Christmas!
                                                                    My new brown hair!


  1. Your hair looks so lovely brown! x

    1. Naww thankyou :) Hope you have a lovely christmas and new year! see you soon :) x