Sunday, 2 December 2012

Film Review 2012

So recently I was set the task at University to do a film review, of a certain film, which I will keep a secret till you read on. I was very nervous when I thought about starting it, usually I'm like yerh its good or it's awful. Only being allowed 700 words, I thought it would be one of the hardest pieces of work I was set for this unit, o how wrong I was. Read and and tell me what you think :)

Hanging onto your life by the skin of another person, do you continue fighting or do you just let go? The constant demons and fights are slowly beginning to wear you down. Your physical strength hits you, dying down day by day until the realisation that you’re not that man you once thought you were. Then there’s your mental state the odd drink here and there never used to go a miss, but now a day can’t pass without the mouth tickling feeling of the next quench of alcohol. Slowly falling into oblivion you feel as though that’s it with your life. No point fighting the inevitable anymore, you’ve grown up times have changed and it’s not the 50’s anymore.  Smashing into the taken sea, another soul gone.  Awakening into a tranquil bar overlooking the sea of temptation to maybe regain your soul again, another sip taken from the devil for another day you won’t remember. The sky slowly starts to fall around you and the echo of silence entrapping you even tighter, something’s missing. Young desirable beautiful women that once had your blood ignited, just doesn’t seem to faze you. A mirror speaks a thousand words, staring back at you stares a tired haggered man, the years fastly taking its tole upon you. Can you really face this dreary dull future, after years of living your life through someone else maybe it’s your time to do what you want for once?
50 years, half your life entrapped of memories and ever living emotion.  Those beautiful Jaguars you used to drive that were the fashion, but now they’re seen as an old beat up piece of trash or some may say a collectable. Just like you, wouldn’t you say? People presented themselves in a respectable manner with their desirable suits to ensure they looked the part for their specific job. Why can’t things be as they were, technology has grown and got more and more spectacular over time, although you feel as though you’re slowly spirally down into someone you never thought you’d become. Sitting alone in the never changing tranquil bar is this really what life has come too? The memories engraved within your lost soul still remain strong in your heart; this was and still is your passion, but can you carry on?  Though it may seem like a constant strenuous battle to everyone else and you , you love the adrenaline that soars through your alcohol infested blood stream.  The ache from your toes from you constantly not anticipating the next move. Television- the only window you have left of part of your soul. Day in and day out the scotch keeps flowing and the sky falls day by day- this isn’t who you are. There it is, that little piece of you that you thought you had lost right there on that minute screen. You kick the tacky stall you’ve lived your life on for the past few months from beneath you and stroll l closer to the screen, but of course your best friend scotch is still there tightly in your hand. It’s time for things to change, the surreal living on the beach isn’t who you are, it’s time for a comeback.
One shot would never hurt James Bond. Celebrating its 50th year anniversary we see the latest Bond film starring Daniel Craig really make an impact and show Bond really hasn’t lost his touch. Just because its fifty years old don’t expect the film to be more high tech and modern to compete with movies within this decade think again. With the glimpses of the past including that legendary Aston Martin car, the opening title sequence, that should never change, and of course ‘M’ who could forget about her.  We see how the typical Bond romances take a back seat and we see more of the focus within his latest fight for his country and his personal relationship with M. However the stereotypical Bond villain has evolved, you can’t trust anyone and no one can stay the person you believe they are. Just because things get older, doesn’t mean that the old ways aren’t the best. 


Hope you enjoyed it!

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