Sunday, 27 January 2013

OOTW- Week 2- "I'm not afraid they can read all about it"

After over a month of over indulging on ridiculous amounts of sleep, over eating, doing absolutely nothing and spending like I have an endless supply of money I went back to uni last week. Not going to lie setting my alarm for 6:50am for 3 days in a row did kill me! Three 9am starts out of four, this term is going to be a struggle to get up for. But after learning what we are doing for this term I'm actually quite interested in what this term has to offer. Enough of blabbering on here are my 5 favourite outfits I wore this week:

Top Left: Early morning start for University I wore a Long love heart t-shirt which I tucked in to make it smaller from Topshop from 2 years ago, Disco pants from River Island and my comfortable Nike blazers.
Top Right: For a long day at University I wanted a more casual outfit so I wore a Jack Daniels top from Ebay, High waisted jeans from Topshop, Blazer Internacionale and again my Nike blazers.
Bottom Left: Dressing up a simple outfit with a blazer I wore a Sleeveless cross top from New Look, Leggings from Topshop, Nike Blazers and Blazer as before.
Bottom Right: I have never worn this leather skirt before so it was time I got it out of my wardrobe! I wore a Rock print top from Topshop, Leather skirt from River Island, Tights from Primark, Trainers by All Star Converse
Middle: For a night out I wore a Dress from H&M which I've had for 4 years and Tights from Primark.

Hope you've all had a good week!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Where's my money tree?

Snowy weather reminds me of my childhood and my family, though it's a shame Southampton has only had one proper day of snow in comparison from where I'm from. My family have been out in the snow sledging, making snow men and of course the odd snowball fight that ends up with someone in tears-, which typically would've been me. But with the cold weather comes more and more internet shopping whilst snuggled in bed, well in my case anyway. Having come back to university with two weeks to spare a day didn't pass that I didn't have a cheeky look at Topshop or Asos without being tempted to buy their whole website. Student loans have gone in at the same time that the winter sales are still on going, my overdraft is becoming more and more dented by the minute. Here are a few items that I'm seriously tempted of purchasing, it is pay day soon anyway so it wouldn't do much harm, would it?

Kylie Cap Sleeved Scoop Neck Midi Dress- £12- Boohoo 
Right on trend for this winter season and will definitely keep your legs warm when your out on the town. A simple midi dress that can be dressed up with a leather jacket and accessories.

Denim Shirt With Skull Buttons In Blue- £19.99- Missguided 
An edgy style denim shirt with added details for a rocky edge, can be dressed down with leggings or be worn with a skirt or shorts for a night out.
Lottie Brushed Knit Aztec Cap Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress- £15- Boohoo 
A printed midi dress with a more bold print which helps add contours to your body. Can be worn simply like this in the summer, or with a leather or denim jacket to keep your warmth in.
Bon Jovi Tank By And Finally- £22- Topshop 
I absolutely adore Bon Jovi so this top is my own guilty please! Can be worn with absolutely anything for a simple day look or even a night out, would look amazing with the printed leggings below.
Mix Flocked Skater Dress- £42- Miss Selfridge 
Bold prints and monochrome are coming back this spring and summer, and this black and white print is definitely on trend right now. With its aztec print it would look amazing for a night look dressed up with some studded heels and even a leather or coloured blazer.
Black boucle panelled peplum top- £25- Riverisland 
Peplums are still around and they are being re-invented everywhere we look, whether its made entirely of lace or in this case panelled with sleeves. A more sophisticated look that can be worn with black skinny jeans or even a long pencil skirt.
Flocked Check Ponte Leggings- £28- Topshop 
My favourite item at the moment! I'm so close to buying these right this minute, printed leggings that can be worn with a simple printed top or even a blouse. Can be worn for day or even night.


Have a good day, let me know what you think of these items :) 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

He's got style, sometimes class

Usually I'm used to writing about fashion or beauty products which are specifically for women, not being sexist at all, though it's something I have a keen interest for. Although I wanted to do a different post about style and it was hugely influenced by my flat mate from university. He's a normal 20 year old lad that is very interested in clothes and is cautious on what he wears, ninety percent of his loan was spent on clothes and shoes including 'Converse' or 'Hundred tops'. What I found unique about him is that he always buys his tops in a much bigger size so it's more baggy for him as he doesn't like tight fitting tops, at first I didn't understand why he did it. He reminded me of them basketball players in one of them oversized vests at first! But after him wearing a tight top I can't imagine him without his typical baggy t-shirts, as they suit him a lot better.

Recently he wore an outfit that I completely fell in love with, it's something that not only would keep him warm in this blistering weather, but something quite stylish yet preppy too.

Jordan wears:
Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Polo Top underneath, I dread to think how much!
Serge DeNimes designed by Oliver Proudlock Jumper £100+
Topman Skinny Jeans £40
Converse £40- although he only purchased them to go with a top he had previously brought!

Let me know what you think :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

OOTW- Outifts of the week -Week1 "I wanna scream and shout!"

As the weather is getting colder it's understandable people are dressing more for comfort and warmth more than anything else.This is something I agree to to a point, however I'm the worst judge when it comes to the weather, I always check the weather everyday to ensure I wont be to hot or cold... but still to no prevail. Looking at the weather today it said -1 in Southampton and cloudy, I thought I'll be fine in a skirt 2 layers of tights , a t-shirt and a jacket ... HOW WRONG WAS I! Freezing was an understatement, my leather skirt was riding up and my legs were like two icicles slowly getting colder by the second. The thought of wearing a onsie to university is becoming more and more appealing.

Although the weather has had us all snuggled up in bed in copius amount of layers, we've all still tried to carry on like we can't see the weather getting any worse. Here are my five favourite outfits from this week including two outfit's of going out with my alcohol jacket on, how I wasn't cold I will never know!
Top Left: Decided I needed to treat myself in this cold weather so I'm wearing Disco Pants from River Island and Cut Out Side T-shirt from River Island.
Top Right: A casual trip in town I wore, (though you cant see it that well) A Cream Pepulum with lace detail from New Look, Skinny Jeans from Topshop, Leather Jacket with fur trim from Topshop and Vivienne Westwood Scarf.
Bottom Left: Venturing out in the just fallen snow, hard to see me outfit from the way I'm posing! River Island Bear Hat, Scarf as before, Mulitcoloured jumper from Topshop, Leggings (2 pairs this time) both Topshop and Leather Jacket as before.
Bottom Right: Another night out in the blistering cold I wore a Lace Insert Panel Dress ,worn as a top from Topshop, Coral High Waisted Shorts from Topshop, Primark Tights- only one layer! I didn't even complain of being frozen, maybe it was the small amount of alcohol I consumed.
Middle: My favourite outfit! Pepulum Vest Top with Belt from Primark, Jeans and scarf as before, Beige Blazer from Internacionale.

Hope you like the outfits, let me know what you think!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Instant Nail Polish Remover In A Pot... Really?

 Every week I struggle with what colour to paint my nails and whether to add a design or even glitter to them. Seeing as I'm on a tight budget as a student and I didn't bring many of my nail varnish's to university, I only brought a small collection unless I decide to treat myself. The one thing I truly hate about nail vanish is removing it! The colour always manages to smudge off my nail onto my finger to make it seem like I have some sort of pigmentation on my skin or even worse is removing glitter from your nails! When the colour has come off your always left with the remnants of the glitter on your nail and after several attempts of frustration the glitter barely budges, so I end up filing the glitter off even though it's damaging and hurting my nail.

Today I came across something different Nail Polish Remover in a pot?! I was quite intrigued with the product and with a price tag of £2.49 in 'Superdrug' I thought it was worth a try to see how it goes.

 Inside the pot    >

It says on the pot "Twist and polish is removed" after one twist the colour was still there, I was being optimistic, but after a few more twists the colour had completely gone off my nails and unlike normal nail polish it wasn't on my skin. However the only downside was that the glitter was still fully there even though the colour polish had been removed completely. The glitter was quite thick so I decided to use the softer side of my nail file to gently remove the glitter. After finally removing the glitter off my nail I then gave my nails a final once over with the nail polish remover pot to ensure I got every bit of varnish off.

Nails Before Above

<  First Attempt

Second Attempt >

What I didn't realise is that the pot not only removes nail varnish but it also has a conditioning formula with Vitamin E in for your nail. Which for me is a bonus, after having acrylic nails for so many years my nails are very fragile and thin but the product made my nails feel stronger and not as sore compared to typical nail varnish remover's and its harmful chemicals. Like any nail polish remover it does have the smell of acetone but its masked with a misty kind of smell, it's very hard to describe, but it's not as prominent as typical nail varnish remover. Also as it's in a pot there were no spillages and I didn't have to waste any cotton wool balls either!


Overall I think it's a very good product and definitely worth more than the £2.49 price tag! Though I would definitely advise to be patient when it comes to glitter polishes as glitter is hard to remove from your nails which all us girls will know. But it removes colour more quickly and efficiently compared to typical nail polish removers!

Give it a try and let me know what you think! :)