Thursday, 17 January 2013

Instant Nail Polish Remover In A Pot... Really?

 Every week I struggle with what colour to paint my nails and whether to add a design or even glitter to them. Seeing as I'm on a tight budget as a student and I didn't bring many of my nail varnish's to university, I only brought a small collection unless I decide to treat myself. The one thing I truly hate about nail vanish is removing it! The colour always manages to smudge off my nail onto my finger to make it seem like I have some sort of pigmentation on my skin or even worse is removing glitter from your nails! When the colour has come off your always left with the remnants of the glitter on your nail and after several attempts of frustration the glitter barely budges, so I end up filing the glitter off even though it's damaging and hurting my nail.

Today I came across something different Nail Polish Remover in a pot?! I was quite intrigued with the product and with a price tag of £2.49 in 'Superdrug' I thought it was worth a try to see how it goes.

 Inside the pot    >

It says on the pot "Twist and polish is removed" after one twist the colour was still there, I was being optimistic, but after a few more twists the colour had completely gone off my nails and unlike normal nail polish it wasn't on my skin. However the only downside was that the glitter was still fully there even though the colour polish had been removed completely. The glitter was quite thick so I decided to use the softer side of my nail file to gently remove the glitter. After finally removing the glitter off my nail I then gave my nails a final once over with the nail polish remover pot to ensure I got every bit of varnish off.

Nails Before Above

<  First Attempt

Second Attempt >

What I didn't realise is that the pot not only removes nail varnish but it also has a conditioning formula with Vitamin E in for your nail. Which for me is a bonus, after having acrylic nails for so many years my nails are very fragile and thin but the product made my nails feel stronger and not as sore compared to typical nail varnish remover's and its harmful chemicals. Like any nail polish remover it does have the smell of acetone but its masked with a misty kind of smell, it's very hard to describe, but it's not as prominent as typical nail varnish remover. Also as it's in a pot there were no spillages and I didn't have to waste any cotton wool balls either!


Overall I think it's a very good product and definitely worth more than the £2.49 price tag! Though I would definitely advise to be patient when it comes to glitter polishes as glitter is hard to remove from your nails which all us girls will know. But it removes colour more quickly and efficiently compared to typical nail polish removers!

Give it a try and let me know what you think! :)

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