Monday, 21 January 2013

OOTW- Outifts of the week -Week1 "I wanna scream and shout!"

As the weather is getting colder it's understandable people are dressing more for comfort and warmth more than anything else.This is something I agree to to a point, however I'm the worst judge when it comes to the weather, I always check the weather everyday to ensure I wont be to hot or cold... but still to no prevail. Looking at the weather today it said -1 in Southampton and cloudy, I thought I'll be fine in a skirt 2 layers of tights , a t-shirt and a jacket ... HOW WRONG WAS I! Freezing was an understatement, my leather skirt was riding up and my legs were like two icicles slowly getting colder by the second. The thought of wearing a onsie to university is becoming more and more appealing.

Although the weather has had us all snuggled up in bed in copius amount of layers, we've all still tried to carry on like we can't see the weather getting any worse. Here are my five favourite outfits from this week including two outfit's of going out with my alcohol jacket on, how I wasn't cold I will never know!
Top Left: Decided I needed to treat myself in this cold weather so I'm wearing Disco Pants from River Island and Cut Out Side T-shirt from River Island.
Top Right: A casual trip in town I wore, (though you cant see it that well) A Cream Pepulum with lace detail from New Look, Skinny Jeans from Topshop, Leather Jacket with fur trim from Topshop and Vivienne Westwood Scarf.
Bottom Left: Venturing out in the just fallen snow, hard to see me outfit from the way I'm posing! River Island Bear Hat, Scarf as before, Mulitcoloured jumper from Topshop, Leggings (2 pairs this time) both Topshop and Leather Jacket as before.
Bottom Right: Another night out in the blistering cold I wore a Lace Insert Panel Dress ,worn as a top from Topshop, Coral High Waisted Shorts from Topshop, Primark Tights- only one layer! I didn't even complain of being frozen, maybe it was the small amount of alcohol I consumed.
Middle: My favourite outfit! Pepulum Vest Top with Belt from Primark, Jeans and scarf as before, Beige Blazer from Internacionale.

Hope you like the outfits, let me know what you think!

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