Sunday, 27 January 2013

OOTW- Week 2- "I'm not afraid they can read all about it"

After over a month of over indulging on ridiculous amounts of sleep, over eating, doing absolutely nothing and spending like I have an endless supply of money I went back to uni last week. Not going to lie setting my alarm for 6:50am for 3 days in a row did kill me! Three 9am starts out of four, this term is going to be a struggle to get up for. But after learning what we are doing for this term I'm actually quite interested in what this term has to offer. Enough of blabbering on here are my 5 favourite outfits I wore this week:

Top Left: Early morning start for University I wore a Long love heart t-shirt which I tucked in to make it smaller from Topshop from 2 years ago, Disco pants from River Island and my comfortable Nike blazers.
Top Right: For a long day at University I wanted a more casual outfit so I wore a Jack Daniels top from Ebay, High waisted jeans from Topshop, Blazer Internacionale and again my Nike blazers.
Bottom Left: Dressing up a simple outfit with a blazer I wore a Sleeveless cross top from New Look, Leggings from Topshop, Nike Blazers and Blazer as before.
Bottom Right: I have never worn this leather skirt before so it was time I got it out of my wardrobe! I wore a Rock print top from Topshop, Leather skirt from River Island, Tights from Primark, Trainers by All Star Converse
Middle: For a night out I wore a Dress from H&M which I've had for 4 years and Tights from Primark.

Hope you've all had a good week!

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