Thursday, 28 February 2013

Topshop addiction at it's finest

Every Thursday on my day off I seem to find myself scrolling through clothes websites without a care in the world. Whereas in reality I'm thinking, why am I doing this to my poor skint bank account? Yet that doesn't stop me from having a look. I've been absolutely in love with Topshop lately since I blogged about their latest leggings/treggings earlier this month, and I cant stop looking at their site at their upcoming Spring/Summer collection. Safe to say I can feel my money slipping away from me second by second the longer I stay on their website. Here are my favourite items online at Topshop right now:

 Fleck oversized top £18.00 

Hopefully you love these items just as much as I do, happy shopping!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

OOTW Week 6 "It's like your my mirror"

All the days seem to blurring into one right now. I cant believe how quick this year is going already, were nearly in March! It's been a massive week for fashion and music with the phenomenal London Fashion Week going on as well as The Brit Awards, and how can you forget Rihanna's debut first range for River Island. AMAZING!! But of course I can't forget to mention Justin Timberlakes comeback performance in far too long at The Brits, he is definitely getting better looking with age! I've only got 3 weeks left at university before I break up for Easter, but even though I'm so excited to go home now, I'm definitely not excited with the amount of work I have to do before. This seems to be a regular moan of mine every week, so I do apologise! These are my five favourite outfits of the week:

Top Left: Going out for lunch with my flat mates I wore; Diamond vest from H&M, Military shirt from Primark, Black plain leggings from Topshop and High wedged trainers from Internacionale.
Top Right: A very rare warm day at university I wore; Printed t-shirt from River Island, Cropped blazer from Select, Denim shorts from Topshop, Plain tights from Primark and Nike blazers.
Middle: A typical Friday night at Voodoo I wore; Cropped stripped top from Boohoo, Disco pants from River Island and Chain heals from Topshop.
Bottom Left: For a more chilled out day of doing work I wore; One shouldered striped top from Topshop, Knitted cropped cardigan from Topshop, Leggings as before and Brown heeled boots from Peacocks.
Bottom Right: An early morning start for uni I wore; Printed t-shirt from Topshop, Denim skirt from Topshop, Studded waist belt from Primark, Tights as before and Studded loafers from Topshop.

Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cheryl Cole's Latest Tattoo

As you may all maybe aware I absolutely love tattoos. Having three of my own I'm always intrigued to what tattoos people get, especially celebrities as they always break the mould and get something you would least expect. For example Orlando Bloom with the tree tattoo that he has up the side up of his body, I'm not complaining though as he is gorgeous, but it's something I could never imagine someone getting. Then there's Cheryl Cole, she is the one celebrity that surprises me constantly with her tattoos, they are always so different from one another. Apparently she has 9 tattoos, no idea where, but the most visible ones are; her Tribal tattoo on her hand, her controversial Mrs C tattoo and the barbed wire tattoo she has around her thigh. Though last night she showed off another new addition on her lower back to cover her previous butterfly tattoo, however the lower back always gets branded as a 'slag tag'. I surprisingly really really like it, it's almost like a painting with the precise detail on the rose and with the shading within and around it. Obviously with anything new in the celebrity world there has to be some harsh remarks, people have said about the tattoo; "I hope the tattoos fake you massive chav" and"Vile" amongst other criticism. Personally I believe tattoos is a way of expressing yourself in your own way, through a way of art and having that personal meaning behind something so simple is lovely. Have a look and see what you think:

Tatts new! Cheryl Cole debuts a pair of red roses on her back during the concert in her hometown of Newcastle  

It took how long? Cheryl Cole has described how painful her rose tattoo was and explained she spent 15 hours under the needle to achieve the look
A rose for the lady: Cheryl Cole debuts her new tattoo on the first night of the Girls Aloud tour  

People express themselves in their own personal different ways, why should society judge someone just because they have tattoos that are different? There's always a meaning behind everything.

What do you think of Cheryl's latest addition?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Boohoo- A few presents to myself

Ever since I did my blog post on Midi dresses I've been craving and searching avidly for one, even though my bank balance is screaming at me to leave it in piece. Though the midi dresses I was really interested in were all on Boohoo, they were cheap and very on trend for this season! I'd also been looking for a crop top which I could wear for any occasion whether day or night, and one were I didn't have to buy a new bra for either. That's one thing that frustrates me, how if a top is cut before the shoulders and someone wears a bra where the straps can be seen so visibly! Enough of my ranting, here are my purchases from Boohoo yesterday:

 My purchases
 You even get free stickers with your parcel

 I brought this dress in black so it can be worn for both day and night.

Unfortunetly when I went on the website today these dresses had sold out AND they have a 50% off sale on all their dresses! I'm gutted I didnt wait a bit longer so I couldve had the discount, but I'm so impatient i'm glad I ordered them when I did.

20% off River Island Jeans, bye overdraft!

90's fashion is one of the key trends this spring and summer, which means denim is back! Thinking back to the 90's I remember those typical shows I used to love, such as; Saved By The Bell, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Friends, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, The Amanda Show and of course Keenan and Kel. I've been looking for a new pair of jeans for a while now, but I'm so indecisive and hate trying stuff on I never get round to doing it. Though seeing online this morning that River Island were currently having 20% off jeans from 21st-24th February, definitely got me excited but my overdraft not as much. I love River Island jeans, for up to £40 you get get decent long lasting well fitting jeans! The majority of my jeans are from River Island as I trust their fittings and I know they will last a long time. I have a three year old pair of River Island jeans that are still in the best condition. Here are my favourite jeans from their 20% off range:

Also with free standard delivery for the next 48 hours, I'd advise you hurry up before those beauties have sold out!

Happy shopping!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

OOTW- Week 5- "I want you to stay"

It's been such a long dragging week, but the weather has definitely put a bounce in everyone's step. The sunshine is slowly starting to make an appearance finally, although the cold weather is still very much around. This week I've spent a silly amount of money that I really don't have, thank god for my over draft! But it's gone on some worthwhile items, well I think so. I finally put my deposit down on my hair, not saying just yet what I'm having done but it's gonna be a big change, I'm so excited! Then I brought a cheeky few basic items from Boohoo that I'll blog about later this week. But for now here are my four favourite outfits of the week:

Top Left: For a nice chilled night of cocktails with my flat mate I wore; Printed sleeveless top from Topshop, Blazer from Internacionale, Black dog tooth printed treggings from Topshop, Black high wedged trainers Internacionale and Bow bag from Topshop.
Top Right: A laid back look for university I wore; Striped shirt Primark, Black vest top from Primark, Leather shorts from Republic, Plain black tights from Primark and High top trainers from Nike.
Bottom Left: For an unexpected day of snow I wore; Plain jumper from Topshop, Studded waist belt from Primark, Feather printed trousers from Topshop and High wedged trainers as before.
Bottom Right: For a casual day of shopping I wore; Leather sleeved top from Zara, Blazer as before, Checked treggings from Topshop and High wedged trainers as before.

I definitely loved my Internactionale High wedged trainers and Blazer this week!

Have a good week! x

Friday, 15 February 2013

Crop Tops- a key wardrobe essential!

I honestly can't believe how quick the weather changes, one minute it will be snowing the next it's raining BUT today finally it's sunny. I genuinely can't remember the last time we had such beautiful sunny weather, it's definitely long over due. But you know what that means? Summer is nearly approaching so it's time to slowly start to re-vamp that wardrobe of yours. Crop tops are making an appearance back on the high street, being teamed up with the latest Leggings/Treggings or even the on going trend of disco pants. I love wearing crop tops, although I'm very conscious of my stomach, so I always team them up with anything high waisted whether it's high waisted jeans/treggings or shorts. This gives the illusion that I'm longer than what I appear, which is always a bonus for me!

Faiga galaxy-crop-top £7.99 MissGuided

Sheer panel crop-vest £20 Topshop
Eyelash lace crop-top £14 Topshop

What do you think of crop tops, let me know your opinions :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Midi Dresses,"I wish nothing but the best for you too, don't forget me I beg"

Midi dresses are all the craze right now, with the typically short dresses being ditched for a more sophisticated glamour look. Being petite I thought Midi dresses would drown me and make me feel smaller than what I am, I'm 5 ft 2. Though I was very surprised that they didn't! It made my body appear longer and slimmer and even make legs look ridiculously long, which is definitely a bonus! This is a key item that you need for your wardrobe girls! Here are a few of my favourite Midi dresses online:

 Dilara leather sleeve midi-dress  £16.99 MissGuided   

 Live to ride maxi dress £25 Miss Selfridge- However this is more of a maxi dress but I still love it!

Let me know what you think! Have a good weekend x