Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cheryl Cole's Latest Tattoo

As you may all maybe aware I absolutely love tattoos. Having three of my own I'm always intrigued to what tattoos people get, especially celebrities as they always break the mould and get something you would least expect. For example Orlando Bloom with the tree tattoo that he has up the side up of his body, I'm not complaining though as he is gorgeous, but it's something I could never imagine someone getting. Then there's Cheryl Cole, she is the one celebrity that surprises me constantly with her tattoos, they are always so different from one another. Apparently she has 9 tattoos, no idea where, but the most visible ones are; her Tribal tattoo on her hand, her controversial Mrs C tattoo and the barbed wire tattoo she has around her thigh. Though last night she showed off another new addition on her lower back to cover her previous butterfly tattoo, however the lower back always gets branded as a 'slag tag'. I surprisingly really really like it, it's almost like a painting with the precise detail on the rose and with the shading within and around it. Obviously with anything new in the celebrity world there has to be some harsh remarks, people have said about the tattoo; "I hope the tattoos fake you massive chav" and"Vile" amongst other criticism. Personally I believe tattoos is a way of expressing yourself in your own way, through a way of art and having that personal meaning behind something so simple is lovely. Have a look and see what you think:

Tatts new! Cheryl Cole debuts a pair of red roses on her back during the concert in her hometown of Newcastle  

It took how long? Cheryl Cole has described how painful her rose tattoo was and explained she spent 15 hours under the needle to achieve the look
A rose for the lady: Cheryl Cole debuts her new tattoo on the first night of the Girls Aloud tour  

People express themselves in their own personal different ways, why should society judge someone just because they have tattoos that are different? There's always a meaning behind everything.

What do you think of Cheryl's latest addition?

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