Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Glittered Nails using Barry M- 'You can take my heart like a criminal'

It's that time of week when I get bored again of my nails and  start to crave having my nails done! Stiletto nails look amazing and it would save me painting my nails each week if I had a nice set of beautiful perfect nails done for me. However I'm a skint student so luckily I have a variety of nail varnishes to tantalize my craving of doing my nails week in and week out. Last week I painted my nails and I wasn't to sure on them at all, I painted them half and half and of course had a glitter nail. Though the half and half nails didn't seem to look right, maybe if I had sponged the purple and nude colour together it would've gave a more ombre feel to my nails.

Hopefully you see what I mean, although I really liked my glittered nail, this gave me an idea for my nails this week.

This was my final outcome for this week, I LOVE THEM! I used Collection 2000 'Moonlight Shine' as the base colour and Barry M 'Ruby Glitter' as the top coat. It almost has that Valentines Day feel with the red glitter within the varnish and adds a sense of colour to the monochrome nails. As always I had a glitter nail, for this I used Collection 2000 'Hot Purple' as the base colour with Barry M 'Amethyst Glitter' as a topcoat. These are probably my favourite nails I've done for a while now and definitely helps add a bit of sparkle to an outfit!

Let me know what you think :)

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