Monday, 4 February 2013

Green, Purple and Glitter Nails, "Go on and take a bow"

I always wish I had longer, perfect nails rather than my easily broken short nails. Looking at my friend's acrylic stiletto nails makes me jealous with ridiculous amounts of envy! I wish I had the money just to get my nails done week in and week out with the latest design or shape. Looking in magazines makes my obsession worse by seeing celebrities or even adverts advertising their latest nail varnish or even the nails they wear just for ONE performance, why can't that be me?! Why can't I be able to paint my nails and make it seem like them adverts? That will never happen though, but it's good to dream. When I used to get plain white acrylic tips, I would regularly paint them as I get bored so easily with plain nails and I liked to experiment with different colour nail varnishes and designs. Though one colour I have NEVER tried is green, green isn't a colour I would really go for, it's a colour I have never worn either on nails or even clothes. But it's good to have a change right?

Lady Gaga, well known for her eccentric fashion as well as nails. As well as Rihanna with her on trend printed stiletto nails.
Top Left: I used Collection 2000 'Green with envy' and 'Hot Purple' and for a bit of sparkle I used the Barry M 'Amethyst Glitter'. Collection 2000 claim the nail varnish was a '5 day wear', so we will see.
Top Right: The final result, I decided to use the green on all my nails to try and get use to the fact I'm wearing green. Then used the purple and glitter to break it up, although I'm not sure if it really works.
Bottom Left: First day of having the nails varnish on, my nails are still as perfect as they were when I painted them.
Bottom Right: However on my left hand the ends of my nails had started to chip, even thought they claimed the '5 day wear'.

Let me know what you think and any designs or patterns you use on your nails :)


  1. I have exactly the same problem with you when it comes to having short and easily broken nails! Reading your "bottom right" section about your nails this is the thing that annoys me about nail varnish on normal nails - I can never find anything that stays on for a full day without chipping! I am now a full time acrylic wearer and am lucky in the fact that they last me months on end (I still have them on from November at the moment but file and re-paint them myself to help them last longer - good tip). Personally I have never tried green nail varnish either but it actually looks gorgeous on your nails - might give it a try.
    Lauren xx

    1. I know it's the one thing that frustrates me with nail polishes is their '5-7 day lasting wear' but it's rare it lasts that long! Ah I'm very jealous if I could afford acrylic nails I would wear them all the time! Aw thankyou :) xx

  2. I love the green colour. It looks metallic and matt at the same time x