Saturday, 9 February 2013

Topshop Eagle Necklace, "I'm like a bird, I'm gonna fly away"

Typically I never steer away from my Thomas Sabo necklace that my family brought me for my 18th birthday, it's my little piece of home for me while I'm at university. Although recently I had to exchange some items in Topshop the other day and for some strange reason, I fancied a necklace something to make my plain tops or shirts stand out more for once. This is when I found this eagle necklace, it helps dress up any outfit that I seem to wear. But don't get me wrong I feel like somethings missing without my Thomas Sabo necklace, though I've just put my charms on my bracelet so I still have my pieces of home with me.

 Dressing up a simple jumper
 Adding detail to a plain denim shirt
 Adding an edge to a simple t-shirt.

You will see more of this necklace in tomorrows post of OOTW!

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