Saturday, 2 March 2013

OOTW-Week 7 "One way or another, I'm gonna see ya"

I'm writing this post a day early due to the fact it's my beautiful sisters birthday tomorrow and unfortunately I'll be spending it on a coach back to Southampton. I have never missed any of my siblings birthday's before so I'm gutted I have to miss hers, although when I'm back next week I have a few surprises up my sleeves for her. I'll keep you posted on them! In my last OOTW entry I was saying how the sun is starting to rear its head again, but unfortunately I was very wrong. It was so cold and dull last week my bed became even more tempting to hibernate in. Here are my four favourite outfits of the week:

Top Left: A casual freezing day at university I wore- Cut out shoulder jumper from River Island, Heart necklace from Primark, Dogtooth printed treggings from Topshop and Nike blazers.
Top Right: A busy day shopping and at university I wore- Dark purple pepulum top from Primark, Studded wait belt from Primark, Mid sleeved cardigan from Topshop, Grey skinny jeans from Topshop and Dark brown boots from Peacocks.
Bottom Left: A night out in Bedford Place I wore- Cropped lace top from Topshop, Eagle necklace from Topshop and Pink shorts from Topshop.
Bottom Right: For my journey back home I wore- Printed zipped back vest from Topshop, Green print cardigan from Urban Outfitters, Disco pants from River Island and my typical High wedges boots from Internacionale.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. hi:) i absolutley love your blogs and read them reguarly you have a good talent in making cute outfits work something i wish i had:/i just wondered if you could do a feature on high heels/wedges because i find it hard to select the right style of heel on a night out and im fed up of playing it safe.if you could give tips on what heels/wedges you would wear with some outfits that would be much apreciated :)xxx

    1. Hiya sarah:)
      Thank you for your comments it means a lot! Yes certainly I can do a blog entry on these for you, I'm currently back at home at the moment but I can do the post by Sunday for you? But I'm doing a styling post tomorrow featuring wedges as well so have a look back!
      Thank you so much :)
      Laura xx

    2. hey laura:)
      Thanks for getting back to me:)That would be great its just i think heels really complete a look,and when ive got a killer outfit i always think my choice of heels let it down as i never know what style to wear,if you could give me some ideas of what type of heels you would wear especially with shorts as i love them at the moment:) and skinnies i just tend to play it safe with a nude pear of heels and i just find it abit boring,i will deff look out today for your post i own like 15 pairs but really struggle to finish my look,i look forward in seing what heels you have and how you would wear them specially with the mentioned above soooo much apreciated
      sarah xx

  2. I love your blazers!