Wednesday, 19 June 2013

"Nothing lasts forever"

"Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever", I'm sure at some stage in your life you've heard this well known saying when a relationship or friendship has broken down or changed. Some things only come to an end because situations/environments have changed or people grow up and start to realise their worth- whether bad or good. Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner, is well known for her constant battles with her weight and her straight to the point heart felt lyrics, that even inspired me as a teenager. There's always that one song that will adapt to a situation that you are in at some stage in your life and once you hear it that memory will be stored within your mind and with that song forever.

"It's hard to get high when your living on the bottom", for a while now I've been very insecure about the way I look or feel- this isn't directly aimed at anyone this is just me. With the way the world is everyone is stereotyped into a certian class or group now a days rather than just being seen as themselves. I always put others before me and would rather see happiness in others than myself as thats what makes me happy- we are well known for this in my family. Kelly Clarkson's battle with her weight is seen alot more within America as that's where she began her carear. People change depending on the way their life is structured-but if your happy with the way you look/feel why should others critise you or judge? So what your not as skinny as Rihanna? You are who you are for a reason and only you can find that happiness in yourself that others can then see.

I always find myself listening to Kelly when I'm in a really deep mood and just want to relax and listen to something that has some lyrics to relate to. My sister is a massive fan of her's too, so this is where my love for the singer has stemmed from. Don't get me wrong I love Rihanna, Rita Ora etc- but I love having that one singer that you can put their album on and relate your feelings to the lyrics. It's as though your piecing a jigsaw puzzle of your emotions with lyrics to truly have that sense of understanding with what's going on in your mind.

Her new single "People like us" is one of my favourite songs right now, it has a pop rock kinda feel with some hard hitting lyrics. It's almost like a pick me up song, it made me feel inspired to not be afraid to be weird or quirky- life is your own story you make the chapters how you want. Now a days people would rather stick with the norm than be who they truly are as they are scared to be accepted, so what? If people don't like it, don't change to fit in with what they think is right, there is no right or wrong within society. The media portrays different bodies in different ways, but all that should matter within life is that your happy within yourself and who you are-rather than being happy to suit others.

"People like us we've got to stick together keep your head up nothing lasts forever"


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  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster award! X