Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Post Secret.. Whats your secret?

I know this is meant to be more of a fashion blog than anything else, but I also like writing about subjects that really influence me. Ive known about Post Secrets now for a few years and they really do touch my heart and do shock me to an extent of what people write.

Basically a Post Secret is a postcard which someone designs themselves- which includes a background image they create and then the secret itself. Although what I never realised was how in depth people can go with their secrets- I expected just normal everyday secrets like "I really like you, but I don't know how to tell you" for example, but some people gave away a deep and emotional secret to them. It started to go on the website once a week to see the secrets and the detail that people went to within them and the design of the card really shock me. Though when America was sadly rocked with the events of 9/11 I thought people would want to keep there feelings to themselves as of course it's such a heart wrenching moment for them and for them to open up would be hard... How I was wrong. Some secrets really astounded me and actually made me speechless(which for me is a first). It really does take some guts to not only say how you feel but to even write it down and have others read it takes some courage on there behalf. I myself have done a post secret which I have never told anyone before, and in a sense it gave me that relief that I had wrote it down and had sent it in knowing people around the world were going to see and it made me feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder in a way.

Here are a few here for you to look at:

Or alternatively have a look at the website: http://www.postsecret.com/

Thank-you for reading :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

£25 Voucher For River Island... Goodbye Bank Balance

Recently it was my birthday so like any other girl, I got a lot of jewellery and money, though the one thing I my family rarely buy me are clothes. They find it hard to keep up with the trends that are going on and understanding why items they wore back in their hay day is now back in fashion, so instead they give me clothes vouchers so I can decide on what I like. Which is a bonus as knowing my mother she would probably still fit me into floral dresses and cute tops I wore as a child so she could have her little girl back again.

So today I decided to have a gander online at River Island to see what items are screaming at me to spend my voucher, and these are the items I have found so far. I intended on finding just six items, but the further I looked on the site the more and more I started to realise my bank balance was going to take a hammering.

 Light Brown Lace Up High Tops £30

Ive wanted a pair of high tops for ages now, not only are they comfortable to wear but it can help dress down an outfit or add that skater edge. At thirty pounds these are a bargain!

Cream Embellished Fringe Cover Up £35

This is absolutely gorgeous! A must have in your wardrobe is a cover up to help add detailing to a plain outfit and give your outfit that day to night look instantly! With the key trend of fringe detailing to add a sense of movement to the outfit.

Black Marcrame Tassle Waistcoat £40

Again like the previous item this is also a cover up, but it's in more of a waistcoat style. This is a must have for festival goers and would help bring a plain dress to life.

 White Print Chelsea Girl High Collar Playsuit £25

With the key trend of the moment patterns this playsuit will get you straight into the trend. With a simple but not overpowering pattern. Can be worn in the day with a pair of high tops or pumps, or even at night with a pair of heels, two looks for the price of one!

 Cream Trible Printed Feather Earrings £5

I've been looking for a pair of feather earrings for ages now! And finally came across this gorgeous pair, not as plain as the others I've seen these have a simple bit of pattern to add a small touch of detail.

Light Denim Olive Super Skinny Jeans £40

Light denim is in this season amongst the bright denims too. So this simple pair of skinny jeans can be worn with a simple t-shirt or a printed/embellished top (or fringe top below).
 Burgundy Elephant Print Maxi Skirt £25

I'm very surprised I like this skirt, I never normally like quite dark prints as it looks a bit mumsy in my opinion, but I totally love this skirt! With its dip hem its perfect for a chilled out shopping trip or dressed up for a night out on the tiles!
 Black Print Fringe Top £40

I adore this top, a beautiful print with a simple fringe detailing to it to add a bit more glamour to the top. Can be worn simply with leggings or a pair of jeans.
 Light Pink Crochet Waistcoat £30

Yes I know what your thinking another waistcoat, but a more layered up design and also it's a dusty pink colour so it can help bring some colour to a simple outfit.

It's safe to say my bank card will have to be taken off me by the time I'm finished buying all these items among the other items that are on the website. Now all I need to do is find where I planted that money tree of mine.....

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Neon, can you pull it off?

It first started with celebrities sporting the neon hair with the likes of;  Rihanna's bright red, Katy Perry's blue/pink hair and then Kelly Osbourne's grey hair with a slight tint of pink. Or even the most wanted ombre style but re adapted with bright shades at the bottom, done by none other than Jessie J.

Although you have to be very confident to be able to pull of these trends, don't get me wrong I would love to dye my hair pink again(yes again I was a young teenager once) but having to do dye it over and over again to keep the colour doesn't appeal to me.

But now the neon clothes have spread to the catwalks and even to the high street. It started off  Versace and slowly but surely it caught on like wildfire, with celebrities being more more out there than ever before it was obvious it was going to quickly catch on.

With TOPSHOP's new "Calypso" collection it shows you this latest trend in one place as well as the other key trends this summer prints and dip dye. The collection has a very 40's feel to it and has a hint of Carmen Miranda within it as well, and the bright colour's will definitely get you in the mood for summer even though the weather is saying the opposite right now. Here are a few of my favourites from this collection, have your card at the ready girls......

 Palm print leggings £20.00
 MOTO Dip- dyed hot pants £34.00
 Animal floral latino suntop £26.00            One of my favourites!
 MOTO Neon pink 7/8th jeans £30.00
Spike mix bangle set £16.00

Even Cheryl Cole's new single cover, thats just been released today, shows her rocking the neon trend.