Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Neon, can you pull it off?

It first started with celebrities sporting the neon hair with the likes of;  Rihanna's bright red, Katy Perry's blue/pink hair and then Kelly Osbourne's grey hair with a slight tint of pink. Or even the most wanted ombre style but re adapted with bright shades at the bottom, done by none other than Jessie J.

Although you have to be very confident to be able to pull of these trends, don't get me wrong I would love to dye my hair pink again(yes again I was a young teenager once) but having to do dye it over and over again to keep the colour doesn't appeal to me.

But now the neon clothes have spread to the catwalks and even to the high street. It started off  Versace and slowly but surely it caught on like wildfire, with celebrities being more more out there than ever before it was obvious it was going to quickly catch on.

With TOPSHOP's new "Calypso" collection it shows you this latest trend in one place as well as the other key trends this summer prints and dip dye. The collection has a very 40's feel to it and has a hint of Carmen Miranda within it as well, and the bright colour's will definitely get you in the mood for summer even though the weather is saying the opposite right now. Here are a few of my favourites from this collection, have your card at the ready girls......

 Palm print leggings £20.00
 MOTO Dip- dyed hot pants £34.00
 Animal floral latino suntop £26.00            One of my favourites!
 MOTO Neon pink 7/8th jeans £30.00
Spike mix bangle set £16.00

Even Cheryl Cole's new single cover, thats just been released today, shows her rocking the neon trend.

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