Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- My top 10

Well its the middle of the week, the day I hate the most as I know that instead of having a weekend of partying and spending time with my loved ones I will be running around behind a bar doing what I do best ha. Although one advantage of it being Wednesday is that tomorrow is pay day, my favourite day of the week, I haven't brought any clothes for about two weeks now, which for me is a miracle, I don't know how I've done it. So here are my top 10 items of clothing and even accessories that I am craving at the moment, and hopefully when pay day comes tomorrow I will be able to splurge my money on these beautiful items.

Like every other woman I adore jewellery I cannot leave the house without having a bracelet,ring and a necklace on as I just feel plain without them. I'm an avid twitter person and I have been following Daisy Loves Jewellery for a while now and they re beautiful hand made bracelets and necklaces have been on my wish list for a long time now. These are my top two favourite items by them:

This beautiful Angel Stack is £15 (on the left) with a lovely angel charm and crystals within the bracelet, definitely a must have piece of jewellery.
Then we have this lovely vintage styled blue and white crystal bracelet £10 with a cute heart and clock charm.

They do a variety of bracelets and necklaces that can suit your own personality and can make you a bracelet to fit you. I highly recommend this company such a friendly service and they've also given customers a 10% off using the code LAURA. SO GET SHOPPING NOW!

 Embroided cutout shirt £34 (Topshop)

An edgy style shirt than can be worn dressed down in jeans or even dressed up with leggings or even a skater style skirt.
 Sequin embellished shrug £35 (Topshop)

Everyone needs a shrug in there wardrobe to help add more detail to a plain or simple outfit. With the simple embellished detailing this shrug will be perfect for a night out with the girls.
 Petites flock burnout maxi dress £45 (Miss Selfridge)

I've been looking for a dress like this for a while, its a very unique and daring dress that is definitely a fashion must have at the moment. A very sexy sophisticated dress to ensure you stand out from the crowd.
 Digital heart Tee and shorts (pj's) £20 (Topshop)

Ive been looking for some cute simple pyjamas for university for a while now and these are my favourite. You could even wear the top as a simple day top too.

Studded slipper shoes in nude £23.99 (Miss Guided)

Probably one of the comfiest flat shoes out there the slipper shoe. These style of shoes were first seen in Topshop a while ago but now other clothing/shoe companies have adapted and added their own style to them with there simple studding detail.
Mid wash denim studded rip shorts £50 (River Island) -Perfect for anyone going to a festival this summer(if you can call it summer) with the simple studding detail to add that rocky edge to your outfit.

Embellished top £55 (Miss Selfridge)
A beautiful floaty embellished top which can be simply worn with a pair of jeans for that effortless glamour. One of my favourite items on my wish list.

 Floral dress by Wal G £35 (Topshop)
A lovely in style dip hem dress with subtle flower detail and a contouring brown waistbelt, can be worn as a day dress or even dressed up wiuth heels for the night.

There you have it my top ten wednesday wishlist with a varietyof styles for you to choose from, but I must warn you your bank card will take a beating girls! get shopping and remember, 10% off Daisy loves jewellery the link is above with the key word LAURA. Thankyou for reading :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Vintage Set

 Sorry I haven't done a blog post in a while, Ive been stressing over my final exams in college and handing all my assignments in on time and making sure I had passed.. Which THANK HEAVENS I have and now I'm off to Southampton Solent University in September to do Writing with Fashion And Culture wooo. But this means I will be able to blog more as I have a bit of spare time on my hands at the minute.

I recently came across this Vintage website on twitter called The Vintage Set (http://thevintageset.com/) , Ive always loved vintage clothes, unfortunetly my mum dosen't have many of her old clothes from the 70's onwards that I could wear today. But within this site there is a variety of both clothes, jewellery  accesories and even bags that all range from the 70's onwards and they are beautiful with a brilliant price tag to match also- which is always a good start. They were advertising for a blogger so obviously I jumped at the chance, the website has an old postcard feel to it with its cream background and the overlays.

Its so easy to shop on The Vintage Set there are two drop down boxes at the top that help refine your search to ensure your searching for the right size and also something different the era your looking for which I think is such an amazing tool!

 My package came Wednesday morning after i ordered it on Monday lunchtime which is very good service. It came beautifully wrapped in a cream tissue paper to keep in with the vintage feel and was then kept together with a black ribbon. Probably the best presented parcel ive receieved in a long time.

I had order a white vintage blouse with lace detail and also a brooch which were both inspired form the 70's and era i love. The blouse came beautifully folded without a crease so I was able to wear it straight away (considering it was silk I was suprised) and the brooch came in a cute little satchel.

 I added these two photos to help show off the stunning lace detail on the blouse.

With the blouse I wanted to show you that you could dress it up or even dress it down to a simple p[air of jeans as the detail within the blouse would speak for itself. Here are a few examples:

I added these Topshop shorts that I brought about 3 years ago to add a more dressed up feel to the blouse and also in keep with bold prints that are in fashion right now.

I then added this River Island dip hem skirt (which i got in the sale recently for £8 bargain) to add a more sophisticated look to this blouse and also brighten the whole outfit.

For a more dressed down look I added some simple pale pink jeans (Ebay £12 and they are very soft!) to help show case the blouse even more.

 Again as before as bold prints are in i decided to add these bright Topshop trousers to make the outfit stand out that little bit more. This is probably my favourite outfit out of all these options!

I spoke to a very friendly lady called Charlotte who was happy to help me with my order and also giving me a bit of discount as I informed her I was writing this blog. Also for a website Charlottes response was instantly unlike the typical websites that you have to wait hours or even days for a reply.

I highly recommend this website to anyone its simply eniticing and will also suprise you with their low prices as high quality. Get your cards at the ready girls!

Let me know your opinions and go check out http://thevintageset.com/   :)!