Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- My top 10

Well its the middle of the week, the day I hate the most as I know that instead of having a weekend of partying and spending time with my loved ones I will be running around behind a bar doing what I do best ha. Although one advantage of it being Wednesday is that tomorrow is pay day, my favourite day of the week, I haven't brought any clothes for about two weeks now, which for me is a miracle, I don't know how I've done it. So here are my top 10 items of clothing and even accessories that I am craving at the moment, and hopefully when pay day comes tomorrow I will be able to splurge my money on these beautiful items.

Like every other woman I adore jewellery I cannot leave the house without having a bracelet,ring and a necklace on as I just feel plain without them. I'm an avid twitter person and I have been following Daisy Loves Jewellery for a while now and they re beautiful hand made bracelets and necklaces have been on my wish list for a long time now. These are my top two favourite items by them:

This beautiful Angel Stack is £15 (on the left) with a lovely angel charm and crystals within the bracelet, definitely a must have piece of jewellery.
Then we have this lovely vintage styled blue and white crystal bracelet £10 with a cute heart and clock charm.

They do a variety of bracelets and necklaces that can suit your own personality and can make you a bracelet to fit you. I highly recommend this company such a friendly service and they've also given customers a 10% off using the code LAURA. SO GET SHOPPING NOW!

 Embroided cutout shirt £34 (Topshop)

An edgy style shirt than can be worn dressed down in jeans or even dressed up with leggings or even a skater style skirt.
 Sequin embellished shrug £35 (Topshop)

Everyone needs a shrug in there wardrobe to help add more detail to a plain or simple outfit. With the simple embellished detailing this shrug will be perfect for a night out with the girls.
 Petites flock burnout maxi dress £45 (Miss Selfridge)

I've been looking for a dress like this for a while, its a very unique and daring dress that is definitely a fashion must have at the moment. A very sexy sophisticated dress to ensure you stand out from the crowd.
 Digital heart Tee and shorts (pj's) £20 (Topshop)

Ive been looking for some cute simple pyjamas for university for a while now and these are my favourite. You could even wear the top as a simple day top too.

Studded slipper shoes in nude £23.99 (Miss Guided)

Probably one of the comfiest flat shoes out there the slipper shoe. These style of shoes were first seen in Topshop a while ago but now other clothing/shoe companies have adapted and added their own style to them with there simple studding detail.
Mid wash denim studded rip shorts £50 (River Island) -Perfect for anyone going to a festival this summer(if you can call it summer) with the simple studding detail to add that rocky edge to your outfit.

Embellished top £55 (Miss Selfridge)
A beautiful floaty embellished top which can be simply worn with a pair of jeans for that effortless glamour. One of my favourite items on my wish list.

 Floral dress by Wal G £35 (Topshop)
A lovely in style dip hem dress with subtle flower detail and a contouring brown waistbelt, can be worn as a day dress or even dressed up wiuth heels for the night.

There you have it my top ten wednesday wishlist with a varietyof styles for you to choose from, but I must warn you your bank card will take a beating girls! get shopping and remember, 10% off Daisy loves jewellery the link is above with the key word LAURA. Thankyou for reading :)


  1. The floral topshop dress it gorgeous!

    Also, I saw on twitter you're going to Southampton to do Fashion writing and I'm doing the same there :) x

    1. I know definetly going to be purchasing this on payday:)! Aww are you? Im excited x:)