Saturday, 13 October 2012

Winter Coats, Which ones are the best?

It's that time of year when we're all thinking it's Christmas again, really?! I can't even remember what I did for New Years: But can anyone ?!  When shopping in our local Tesco's I came across a whole aisle of advent calendar's and item's dedicated to's here already. So it's time to dig out those Christmas jumpers and scarves;you know the ones your nan knitted you, even though your embarrassed to wear them they are the comfiest things known to man! Then get prepared for another very cold Christmas. I've been looking for a winter coat for a while now, but I'm so indecisive; do I want long coats or short, leather or no leather, fur or no fur?! So many decisions! Here are a few of my favourite coats I've stumbled across, make sure you get your NUS Card's and overdrafts ready...

In trend for winter we have the military style style which can be seen fully within the shops, whether its from the structure of the coats or even the contrasted materials within the coats.

Marion Contrast Army Jacket with Fur Collar In Beige
£49.99- Miss Guided

One of this seasons key trends is leather; but in this stylish jacket we see how they contrasted the normal jacket style with the added leather sleeves and the fur collar. Has a very rocky edge to it and could easily be worn with leggings and some warm boots for a night on the town.
Girly Hooded Clasp Coat

To me this definitely describes the typical winter coat; it looks warm and snuggly and the typical coat you can envisage yourself in when its snowing. Longer than the previous coat to so your sure to be warm and with the key detail of the buttons your sure to stand out as well as being as warm as a radiator.

Petites Faux Fur Collar Coat
£85-Miss Selfridge

This coat reminds me so much of New York and the type of coats they would be wearing in America. I always love the thick fur collars of coats as your guaranteed your neck will be nice and toasty and also adds a sense of detailing to your outfit too.


Navy Quilted Hooded Jacket
£70-River Island

My Eskimo inspired coat, its a long quilted jacket which keeps on trend from the summer with the Barbour jackets. With a fluffy lining in the hood and the thickness of the coat it will be as though your wearing your quilt- that would be the best thing ever!
           Asos Fold Over Collar Coat With Hood

  More of a structured coat which also has an added hood with it too. Made from a wool blended fabric you can be sure that this would be the perfect snuggled coat for you and keep you dry too. This is one of my favourite as I like the simplicity within the coat and the structure within it also.

   Asos Leopard Ears Parka

   Another one of my favourites is this beauty! With a simple parka designed but jazzed up by the leopard print lining of the hood and the added ears on the hood. A more playful coat and guaranteed you'll keep the hood up to add that sense of cuteness to your outfit.

Blanca Knitted Sleeve Biker Jacket
£47.99- Miss Guided

This is my own favourite and the jacket I have purchased for myself. I always seem to go for the biker jacket as they seem to be the one to suit me best as I am only small. I love the contrast between the leather jacket with the added knitted sleeves, however if it was to rain or snow, your sleeves are guaranteed to get damp. Though it's highly doubtful I'll be out in the rain in this, but definitely will be out in the snow in it!

Hopefully you like the selection of coats/jackets I have chosen for this blog, make sure you get your winter coat now! The days are getting shorter, it's getting darker earlier; which makes me even more tired than I am usually!