Wednesday, 23 January 2013

He's got style, sometimes class

Usually I'm used to writing about fashion or beauty products which are specifically for women, not being sexist at all, though it's something I have a keen interest for. Although I wanted to do a different post about style and it was hugely influenced by my flat mate from university. He's a normal 20 year old lad that is very interested in clothes and is cautious on what he wears, ninety percent of his loan was spent on clothes and shoes including 'Converse' or 'Hundred tops'. What I found unique about him is that he always buys his tops in a much bigger size so it's more baggy for him as he doesn't like tight fitting tops, at first I didn't understand why he did it. He reminded me of them basketball players in one of them oversized vests at first! But after him wearing a tight top I can't imagine him without his typical baggy t-shirts, as they suit him a lot better.

Recently he wore an outfit that I completely fell in love with, it's something that not only would keep him warm in this blistering weather, but something quite stylish yet preppy too.

Jordan wears:
Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Polo Top underneath, I dread to think how much!
Serge DeNimes designed by Oliver Proudlock Jumper £100+
Topman Skinny Jeans £40
Converse £40- although he only purchased them to go with a top he had previously brought!

Let me know what you think :)

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