Thursday, 21 February 2013

Boohoo- A few presents to myself

Ever since I did my blog post on Midi dresses I've been craving and searching avidly for one, even though my bank balance is screaming at me to leave it in piece. Though the midi dresses I was really interested in were all on Boohoo, they were cheap and very on trend for this season! I'd also been looking for a crop top which I could wear for any occasion whether day or night, and one were I didn't have to buy a new bra for either. That's one thing that frustrates me, how if a top is cut before the shoulders and someone wears a bra where the straps can be seen so visibly! Enough of my ranting, here are my purchases from Boohoo yesterday:

 My purchases
 You even get free stickers with your parcel

 I brought this dress in black so it can be worn for both day and night.

Unfortunetly when I went on the website today these dresses had sold out AND they have a 50% off sale on all their dresses! I'm gutted I didnt wait a bit longer so I couldve had the discount, but I'm so impatient i'm glad I ordered them when I did.

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  1. Ooo I love that dress with this skulls on!