Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lauren Conrad Hair and Style Crush- "The rest is still unwritten"

 Who can forget that exit in season 4 of 'The Hills' at Speidi's wedding when Lauren Conrad sensationally appeared and then said her final goodbye to the iconic show.  In 2006, we were introduced to a young fresh faced Lauren Conrad. Within The Hills we watched Lauren strive to get into the fashion industry, with the typical friendships dramas along the way, mostly with Heidi Montag.We slowly saw the massive rise of Lauren, especially as all of us fashion journalists and writers were jealous of her internship at Teen Vogue in America with her cast mate and friend Whitney Port. As the viewer we watched their amazing journey through their internship and got to see them end up in a job with Kelly Cultrone at a Fashion PR firm- SO JEALOUS!

Though as well as watching her with ridiculous amounts of jealousy at the internship she had gained and the enjoyment she had doing it, I slowly started to gain a style crush on her- who wouldn't?! Always looking like perfection whenever she was photographed or filmed with her tribute casual style. Lauren was also the reason I decided to have my dip dyed hair, with her long tousled locks which she loved to show off- who blames her when it's so enviously long! Here are a few of my favourite images of her, effortless glamour at its finest; 

I just simply love her understated glamour and the effortless feel that seems to come across. Let me know what you think, who are your style icons?

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