Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lent, What will you give up?

New years resolutions are hard enough for me as I never make it simple for myself! Usually I give myself 10 resolutions that I want to achieve by the end of each year, and suprisingly I normally do over half of them, though I always get annoyed that I haven't completely done them all. Like the phrase goes you are your own worst critic. Then there's Lent, I've never really tried Lent before, I've watched my friends give up big things to them like; chocolate,crisps and social networking sites. These seem like something you could give up quite easily, but watching them struggle and crave for these items really made me realise that in 40days you can truly change something in your life. In doing Lent you can also give yourself that ounce of confidence and push you never thought you had before.

So this year I'm going to give it a go and see how well I do, although I am a day late, I'm never one to be on time, but I will be starting today.

1.Taking my bankcard out with me on a night out!
Like any other Uni student I love to go out and have a good time with my friends, however I always end up spending ridiculous amounts of money that I don't have. Typically I take £20 out which includes money to get into the club, drinks and then money for food. However I'm only going to take £10 out and not have any food, as I have food at home- although it wont be the same as that greasy pizza or kebab I typically have....

2. Overthinking and worrying

I'm so easily worried or concerned about what people say to me or think about me, that it makes me over think ridiculous amounts and the 'What ifs' start to come out. You should feel confident within yourself and love who you are without people judging you for what they don't like or for what they think your like. My sister always says to me "Your a Mothersdale/Ingram/Partland man up", yes we have a few different last names in my family, this phrase always makes me feel confident in myself.

3. Watching Hollyoaks/Eastenders religiously

I'll be half way through my work and when I go to check the time if I see its time for either of these shows I stop with no hesitation and that's my evening gone. When I start watching these soaps I begin to slowly disappear into the world of television. There's catch up on both of these shows on a sunday, so I dont see why I don't watch them then? Because the moment I go back to doing my work the train of thought I did have would've completely left my head.

So 40 days, let's go! What have you given up for lent?

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  1. I love eastenders!