Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Topshop Leggings Obsession 'Baby your the right kind of wrong'

I'm one of those girls that always seems to be wearing either leggings or shorts as I feel more comfortable in them. Whereas in skirts I get concerned with whether my thighs touch at the top and the embarrassing case of my skirt slowly riding up my legs. Now a days there are so many types of leggings on the high street and on the internet it's hard to keep up, especially with treggings and jeggings being brought into fashion- I cant keep up with all the different names that there are!

Wearing a simple outfit with plain black leggings can get boring, but with the variety of different colours or patterned leggings out there it's easy to make a simple outfit become more interesting than before. This season with monochrome being a big hit for Spring/Summer Topshop has totally out done themselves with their variety of different leggings/treggings! Normally its rare I shop at Topshop as being a student it's quite expensive for me, though sometimes I am so easily tempted to purchase a cheeky something here and there. My mum loves her fashion and on her latest Topshop venture she discovered these leggings/treggings and described them on the phone as; "Like dogtooth but not as bold, and then a darker version with that velvet material you hate", she really didn't sell them to me at all. Though when  she sent one pair down I totally fell in love with them! They were black with a dog tooth velvet pattern on high waisted leggings with a side zip to do them up. The dogtooth pattern itself was in velvet, which helped add a sense of texture and depth within the leggings. Since then I have purchased another two pairs, I'm so sorry bank balance! I am obsessed with them! They are so comfortable and really flattering on any figure and totally on trend for this season.

 Stripe Grid Cross Treggings £28  Absolutely love these treggings! I saw them in store yesterday and was umming and ahhing on whether to purchase them or not, safe to say today after university I'm making a trip back to purchase them!

Velvet Check Treggings £28- You know what I'm going to say- I love them. Such a simple twist on the simple black leggings with the pattern made from a velvet material.

Pipe Panel Leggings £22. I wasn't to sure on these leggings when I first saw them, I liked the front view of them but I wasn't too sure on the sides. Though trying them on I fell in love, they look very sophisticated and can dress up a simple top too!

Hope you like my obsession, let me know what you think :)

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