Thursday, 21 March 2013

Micro Bond Hair Extensions

Gosh its been a while hasn't it? I'm still catching up with my mountain of university work aswell as finding work/internships for the summer and mountaining the job I have at the moment. Although being home is the best feeling in the world, to not only come back to my king size bed and proper food but to also see my loved ones that I've missed. I'm one of them girls that likes to change their hair everytime I go to the hairdressers as I get bored so easily, Maddie always loves the challenge of doing something new to my hair and does it with beauiful results. However this trip to the hairdressers resulted me going back to my favourite hair trend, ombre and trying something different. In the salon I regularly go to in my hometime called Russos they are doing an offer on Micro Bond hair extensions for £190, including 2 free blow dries which is a bargain! As normal retail price for the extensions and fitting can cost up to £300, and Laura my friend that does them in the salon has been fully trained in putting them in. Since having my hair cut short I've always been a bit oo and ahh whether to get extensons,but I never did. But hearing about these extensions I was determined to get them.

This was my hair before I had anything done to it, it's been this length for a while now and it doesn't seem to want to shift.

Left: This was with the added blonde at the end of my hair and some brown colouring on top to cover my roots.
Right: The final result with the Micro Bond hair extensions, Laura even curled them for a more glamourous effect.

And this is the final result! I completly love them, they didn't take as long as I thought to put in as I was expecting to be there all day. They didn't hurt either to put in and they do feel like real hair aswell. Since having them done I've had my hair to one side plaited so they dont get tangled at night and to also keep the curl in my hair. Definetly worth it, and they should last between 2-6 months depending on how well you look after them, I'm aiming for 6 months!

What do you think?


  1. These look amazing and I love the dip dye - I have been toying with getting half a head for a while - as I have layers ontop and now I definitely want them!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  2. Wow, these look good, I love the dip-dye!