Monday, 4 March 2013

One Topshop Dress, So Many Ways

I wanted to try something different within this blog entry, typically I'm writing about what clothes I'm loving at the moment or my outfits of the week. Though as I love experimenting with outfits so much I thought I would do a styling post with what I would wear with a certain outfit. This is my first time in doing this so just bare with me! Hopefully you like the results, fingers crossed! I've done a dressed up and an everyday look for this outfit so you get your value for money with this dress, which is important as i'm a student. Tomorrow I will do the dressed up look for this outfit but for now here is my everyday look, enjoy!

Everyday Look:

My key element is this stunning Topshop dress which I've pining after for a while now. Hopefully my sister will get the little hint after this post.


Basketball Style Cardigan: Knitted 'A' Rib Cardi £40
Split Ring:  Pyramid Split Ring £10 
Flat Peep Toe Shoes: Hamper Woven Peep Shoes £26
All items are from Topshop.

I wanted to add a sense of vibrance to this outfit and with this gloomy cold weather, I wanted to add a jumper or a cardigan for a warm comfortable look. Then adding a simple ring so you dont draw away from the pattern of the dress and style of the jumper. I then added some simple shoes, either pumps for an elegant look and if the weather is warm of course. Or even some high top trainers for a sense of comfort and that edgy feel.

Hope you like this outfit, let me know what you think!

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