Monday, 29 April 2013

OOTW- Week 9- "We're up all night to get lucky"

With the sun shining, this month is getting better by the day. The endless shopping trips that are killing my overdraft, the drives to the seaside and my best friends 21st is stopping me from the reality of the endless uni work I have to do. Although with the 7 hour coach journey back to Southampton tomorrow maybe I will start to crack on with my uni work. Here are my outfits of the week:

Top left: For a late day of uni I wore-Leopard print collar dress from Love Label, Spiked necklace from Primark, Plain black tights from Primark, Cream brogues from New Look.
Top Right: For my birthday night out in Southampton I wore- Tweed playsuit from Love Label.
Bottom Left: The beginning of the sunshine I wore- Aztec print dress from Primark, Cropped denim jacket from New Look, Square necklace from Urban Outfitters and All star trainers from Converse.
Bottom Right: For a casual night out I wore- Lace collared dress worn as a top from Topshop, Leather shorts from Republic and Tassle heels from River Island.

Have a good week!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Digging the dungarees!

The sunshine is here! Finally the weather is starting to slowly get better and I'm so excited. Summer is about the sunshine, BBQ's, being with friends and of course the copious amounts of alcohol and beer garden sessions. Though with summer must come your new summer wardrobe, que dungarees. As a child everyone used to own a pair of dungarees but with the 90's being one of the key trends for this Spring/Summer, be sure to have your pair! Whether short or long you decide, here are a few of my favourites:

Nilda short denim dungarees £26.99 Miss Guided
 Hillary lightweight dungarees in candy pink £19.99 Miss Guided   
 Black smart dungarees £40 River Island
A twist on the typical dungarees, big for this Summer.

With a variety of different: prints, textures,lengths and styles there is a dungaree for any ocassion. Get yours now!

Thankyou x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Topshop sale items; I'm sorry overdraft

So it's come to that time of year when the end of season sales have started to appear, and this is the time my overdraft takes a beating. I didn't even realise that the Topshop sale started yesterday, but with delight when I strolled into the store I saw what to me was heaven, though to my bank card was pure sin. I started to pile items upon items onto my arms till I slowly started to refrain myself and only buy the items I liked the most or I had been wanting for a while. Here was my outcome:

 Mickey Mouse Crop Top- £10
Patterned Denim Shorts-£25
 Purple Velvet Dungarees-£25
 Blue Dress £10
Grey Dress with Black Lace Collar -£18
The dress I've been wanting for ages!

I've brought some nice things for the summer and items that can be worn for both day and night. I didn't do as bad as I first thought, but there are so many other items I wish I had purchased. Maybe I'll have to pop back...

What do you think to the sale?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

OOTW- Week 8, "Need you 100, need you 100 %"

I haven't done a OOTW, for about a month and a bit now, so it's time to get my bottom in gear and start them again. I always love the feedback I get from doing these posts, and I myself love putting these posts together. Here are my latest 'Outfits of the Week', enjoy:

Top Left: The sunny weather is slowly starting to appear in Southampton, so I wore: Tie dye top from Love Label, Cream cardigan from New Look, Spike necklace from Primark, Leggings from Primark and Brown cowboy boots from Peacocks .
Top Right: The 90's is in full swing for this Spring/Summer, here I wore: Purple long sleeved top from Primark, Light denim distressed dungarees from Primark and All star trainers from Converse.
Bottom Left: My first day returning to uni after a heavy weekend I wore: Beanie hat from New Look, Tartan shirt from Love Label, Square tie necklace from Urban Outfitters, Disco pants from River Island and trainers as before.
Bottom Right: A long coach journey home I wore: Blazer from Primark, Baseball top from Topshop, Spiked necklace from Primark, Leggings from Topshop and Trainer as before.

Have a good weekend! x

Monday, 15 April 2013

Home is where my heart remains; my 21st

After counting down from September the moment finally came for my 21st birthday! I was annoying everyone with me telling them day after day how many days and hours was left till the big day, but when the day finally came I couldn't of asked for a more perfect day.The boyfriend came round at half 11 as he wanted to be there when it was finally my birthday-soppy but very cute. Then the rest of the morning was spent with my mum as she FINALLY had a whole day off, so it was nice to have a catch up. Later at night I went for a meal at Toros, which is a steak house in Rothwell which is absolutley beautiful. I especially recommend the Strawberry wine! I went with my closest friends and family and was surprised at the end with a homemade Chanel handbag birthday cake which was delicious.

I was then whisked back to town where I was ushered downstairs to see my friend had organised a suprise birthday party with a few of my favourite people, cue me walking in when One Direction was playing- Loved it. After a disgusting dirty pint and alot of drinks the night was over, all I ever wanted was to spend my 21st with the people I cared about the most and I did. However the one person I was wishing was there wasn't, my best friend Chloe- she's been in Australia since September so I was so excited for her return. Though she was offered a two year visa if she was to stay out there till July, and of course she was gutted she couldn't be here- as was I. Although this means when she returns the celebrations will be starting all over again! Here are a few pictures from my birthday:

OOTD- Outfit of the day, "You could be the greatest, you could be the best"

After one of my best weekends at home it was time to do the tedious long journey back to Southampton. I celebrated my 21st birthday on the Friday and my hangover is still lingering over me- I have my friends and family to thank for this with them buying me a dirty pint. I wanted to wear something comfortable for the journey but also try some of my new clothes out.

Oversized Baseball Top- Topshop
Spiked Necklace- Primark
Blazer- Primark
Leggings- Topshop
Coloured Metallic Socks- Urban Outfitters
All Star Trainers- Converse

I love this Topshop top, its so versatile and can be worn with absolutely anything day or night! They now do it in black as well, I may have to purchase it.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Oh if you could see me now..

This is a totally different post to what you would expect from me, this is something more personal to me. Everyone has that one song that is really personal to them and has a special meaning. Music is a way for people to escape from their own problems into their own little worlds, although you can use music as a way for you to relate a song to an issue.

I've been in love with The Script now for years and I love the fact I can now have a weekly fix of Danny O'Donaghue on The Voice. "If you could see me now" is their latest single and I've totally fell in love with it, there's something so special about this song that really does touch me. It reminds me so much of me and my family and in a sense it gives me that sense of strive to make them so proud. I'm really close to my mum, sister and brother, they are my main inspirations and heroes in life. I've never met my dad before, neither do I know much about him either, of course I'm curious but life's the way it is for a reason right? I don't understand why he never wanted to be involved in my life, but that was his decision- part of me wishes he could see me now or in 5 years and see how well I am doing/hopefully will be doing. Not to prove a point that he's missed out on my life, but just so he could see how hard I've worked for what I'm doing and see that I don't hold a grudge against his decision; but my mother, sister and brother did the best job I could've ever asked for raising me. Part of me wishes I could see what he was doing with his life, but from an outside view so he wouldn't know who I was- to him I'm just another soul on this planet whereas in reality I could've been his little girl. The bond with my mother, sister and brother is ridiculous; I truly couldn't ask for a more supportive or caring family. This song just makes me think what would my dad think if he saw me now or in the future? Would he be proud? Or would I just be another human on this planet to him?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Stiletto Nails

If your a regular follower of my blog you know that I completely LOVE nails and anything to go with them; nail varnishes, acrylic nails or nail art to name but a few. Since coming home from university I finally got my nails done after 3 months without acrylic nails, it feels good to have some decent sized nails that I can try out different ideas on. But of course I love how elegant and nice they make your hands look, it may sound strange but I always think my fingers are slightly bent and having my nails done makes them seem straighter.. weird I know.

When I first got my nails done they were done in the Stiletto style, which has been made famous by the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga. At first I was a bit scared yet excited when I had them done as they looked amazing, though they were slightly sharp, also I was worried to how I would adapt to them as it was as though I would scratch anything I came in contact with.

After a few days I filed them so they werent as sharp and I found them so much more manageable. Usually I get the typical square acrylics, but I find this style is so much more maintainable and natural.

Like always I get bored so easily of the colour of my nails, so I changed the black to a lavendar colour to try and get a sense of summer within me, shame the weather isnt keeping up.

Then today whilst out shopping I treated myself to Barry M's latest "Gelly Shine" nail varnish as well as Rimmel's "Precious Stone" varnish. I completely love the final result of them! The Barry M nail varnish went on and it was as though I had applied a top coat straight after as it was shiny already. Also the Rimmel varnish I found after two coats gave me an even coverage of glitter on the nail. Then as always I used '2true' top coat to ensure I had a beautiful shine on my nails.

What do you think?

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

Just a little bit too late, but I hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing bank hoiday weekend! I'm sorry if you pulled the short straw and had to work, I feel your pain. I can't remember the last bank holiday I had off, but with having a night club job I'm always free to do what I want in the days and then just busier later at night, however the late nights turn into you sleeping the day away and wasting your bank holiday weekend. Well that's what I did, after getting ridiculously drunk last thursday- it was my only chance to go out and celebrate of course- the days have seemed to murge into one. I do love my job I work in a good team and one of the best nightclubs in town- the atmosphere is always electric! Although with easter bank holiday comes the whole dressing up perlarva, however I agreed to dress up, but in a classy way.

This is Vicky, Becci and myself bank holiday sunday ready for work. Becci did our makeup and our teeth on our bottom lip looked so realistic it was scary! Not only did it make us laugh we also entertained the customers too!

What did you do bank holiday weekend?

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

They say your eyes are the window into your soul and that they're one of the key interesting features on a face. I love eyes and the uniqueness of one persons to another, whether it's a different colour or shape. I always, without fail wear mascara as I feel naked without it, although it doesn't help that I have blonde eyelashes either! Normally I use about 5 mascaras to get volume thick lashes, but I wanted to be able to narrow it down to one or two, as it is quite expensive. I came across Rimmel's 'Lash Accelerator Endless' mascara and with the price tag of £7.99 in Superdrug it seemed like a bargain.

 My eye before applying any mascara

 After one coat
The final result

I love the simplism of this mascara, how it merely takes two coats to get this effortless look. It didn't go all gloopy or come out to thickly either, it had a thin layer of mascara on the applicator to ensure you lashes were evenly separated and coated. I definetly recommend this mascara to anyone!

What's your favourite mascara?