Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

Just a little bit too late, but I hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing bank hoiday weekend! I'm sorry if you pulled the short straw and had to work, I feel your pain. I can't remember the last bank holiday I had off, but with having a night club job I'm always free to do what I want in the days and then just busier later at night, however the late nights turn into you sleeping the day away and wasting your bank holiday weekend. Well that's what I did, after getting ridiculously drunk last thursday- it was my only chance to go out and celebrate of course- the days have seemed to murge into one. I do love my job I work in a good team and one of the best nightclubs in town- the atmosphere is always electric! Although with easter bank holiday comes the whole dressing up perlarva, however I agreed to dress up, but in a classy way.

This is Vicky, Becci and myself bank holiday sunday ready for work. Becci did our makeup and our teeth on our bottom lip looked so realistic it was scary! Not only did it make us laugh we also entertained the customers too!

What did you do bank holiday weekend?

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