Monday, 15 April 2013

Home is where my heart remains; my 21st

After counting down from September the moment finally came for my 21st birthday! I was annoying everyone with me telling them day after day how many days and hours was left till the big day, but when the day finally came I couldn't of asked for a more perfect day.The boyfriend came round at half 11 as he wanted to be there when it was finally my birthday-soppy but very cute. Then the rest of the morning was spent with my mum as she FINALLY had a whole day off, so it was nice to have a catch up. Later at night I went for a meal at Toros, which is a steak house in Rothwell which is absolutley beautiful. I especially recommend the Strawberry wine! I went with my closest friends and family and was surprised at the end with a homemade Chanel handbag birthday cake which was delicious.

I was then whisked back to town where I was ushered downstairs to see my friend had organised a suprise birthday party with a few of my favourite people, cue me walking in when One Direction was playing- Loved it. After a disgusting dirty pint and alot of drinks the night was over, all I ever wanted was to spend my 21st with the people I cared about the most and I did. However the one person I was wishing was there wasn't, my best friend Chloe- she's been in Australia since September so I was so excited for her return. Though she was offered a two year visa if she was to stay out there till July, and of course she was gutted she couldn't be here- as was I. Although this means when she returns the celebrations will be starting all over again! Here are a few pictures from my birthday:

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