Monday, 8 April 2013

Oh if you could see me now..

This is a totally different post to what you would expect from me, this is something more personal to me. Everyone has that one song that is really personal to them and has a special meaning. Music is a way for people to escape from their own problems into their own little worlds, although you can use music as a way for you to relate a song to an issue.

I've been in love with The Script now for years and I love the fact I can now have a weekly fix of Danny O'Donaghue on The Voice. "If you could see me now" is their latest single and I've totally fell in love with it, there's something so special about this song that really does touch me. It reminds me so much of me and my family and in a sense it gives me that sense of strive to make them so proud. I'm really close to my mum, sister and brother, they are my main inspirations and heroes in life. I've never met my dad before, neither do I know much about him either, of course I'm curious but life's the way it is for a reason right? I don't understand why he never wanted to be involved in my life, but that was his decision- part of me wishes he could see me now or in 5 years and see how well I am doing/hopefully will be doing. Not to prove a point that he's missed out on my life, but just so he could see how hard I've worked for what I'm doing and see that I don't hold a grudge against his decision; but my mother, sister and brother did the best job I could've ever asked for raising me. Part of me wishes I could see what he was doing with his life, but from an outside view so he wouldn't know who I was- to him I'm just another soul on this planet whereas in reality I could've been his little girl. The bond with my mother, sister and brother is ridiculous; I truly couldn't ask for a more supportive or caring family. This song just makes me think what would my dad think if he saw me now or in the future? Would he be proud? Or would I just be another human on this planet to him?

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