Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mom Jeans= Chill Jeans

I can honestly say I can feel my stomach in my chest right now, anxious and nervous doesn't even sum up how I feel writing my first ever blog post in over three years. THREE YEARS?! Where has these three years gone; I left university after a year (lets not dwell on that), went back to working in the cafe with my sister, left there to work in a call centre, returned back to the cafe six months later and here I am now. But there has always been that what if.. what if I carried on writing where would i be now? Could I have had my own column, my work published or even brought my first bmw... here's hoping. Anyways I'm back studying an online freelance journalism course and back to what I love doing the most nattering on about fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Mom Jeans

Ever get them days when you don't have a clue what to wear, feel frumpy and horrible in everything. Then chaos descends in your room with the stress of your new added floor-drobe you've created as you don't feel comfortable, able to breathe, skinny, or not as good as Mila Kunis would in your outfit.
Well that's me every time I go out-which trust me is a rare blue moon occasion now a days. Unlike my former 16-18 year old self, I'd much prefer going out in a pair of comfortable-yet bum hugging jeans with a stylish top and jacket. Obviously with heels as I feel like a smurf without them.

Mom jeans are my go to item at the moment. High waisted are my favourite as they ensure all my lumps are hidden and gives that hour glass illusion. Then a simple straight leg so you don't feel as though your being smothered or restricted in denim.
My  favourite at the moment are these Topshop Jeans at £42;

A simple, plain acid wash effect which will go with anything and everything.  

Or a budget alternative from boohoo at only £15, with the on season trend of embroidery added too.

This is the one summer essential you cannot be without, especially if you do not want to feel glued and stuck into your denim jeans-when the heat eventually does come back. In my next entry I will add style suggestions for evening and day wear of this new wardrobe must have.

Happy 3 year anniversary blog, it's taken a long time for me to do this!! I hope I've made you proud x

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