Wednesday, 13 July 2016

OOTW- "If I was you, I'd wanna be me too"

Life is one big whirlwind right now; with working nearly 60 hour weeks, juggling coursework, stressing over coursework and trying not to spend uneccasry money on more clothes I definitely do not need (but I do need). Coffee is literally the love of my life right now- as well as Salted caramel green tea that is my life saver.

But anyways back to business, last week I posted about the on trend Mom jeans and had such an overwhelming response that I hadn't expected. So this week I bring you two different styles on what to wear with them. From a retro quirky style, to a dressed up dinner date.

Outfit one:

The Topshop Style. A different quirky style with the Mom Jeans, I'm absolutely loving this Ivy Park bodysuit, something so simple that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.


Added with the on trend bomber jacket. Ive found these two preppy ones again from Topshop, I'm loving the bardot effect jacket on the right and the more blazer-ish style version on the left.


Team it up with this simple double buckle belt to go with the black shoes and keep within the simple vibe. However if your going out for a few drinks just be careful not to over do it on the belt, as like me you'll feel restricted in the stomach area. Don't let that belt stop you from pigging out!


Then by adding a simple high heel your keeping that casual vibe with a hint of style and will also help elongate your body. I always wear heels with jeans as being small it helps add a few more inches and also helps me look more hour glass than a potato as I constantly seem to feel right now. Or simply add a pair of classic trainers to go to day time chilled glamour.

Outift two: You pretty little thing
Pretty Little Thing is my go to clothing site at the moment with its small price tag and effortless simple style. You'll also find the likes of Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattinson use this website too.

The bodysuit is the most go to top to wear right now. Style it up or down- the only down side is when your drunk and having to undo it. Although at least you know your top is styled how you want it.
Then the simple slogan t-shirt to add a relaxed vibe, something you can just chuck on without worrying whether it goes or not.

Adding a simple cream sandel helps add a touch of summer and can easily go with any outfit you throw it with, whether day or night time.

I hope you enjoyed my outfit style of the Mom Jeans x

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  1. There is great fashion inspo here!! I NEEED the Ivy Park body with those mom jeans!! I am going to check out Pretty Little Thing now! Loving the T! PS errrrrrrr Salted caramel green tea?!?!?!?!!??!? neeeeeeed XX